Can people over 40 hear dog whistles?

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As a person grows older, their hearing usually becomes worse, and they have a more difficult time hearing high frequency sounds. There is no relation to a specific age as this inability to hear high frequency sounds is affected by the kinds of sounds that a person's hearing is subjected to.

Hearing damage is greatly increased by loud noises and loud music.

Hearing damage can also cause a person to hear noise that is not actually there. This type of damage is called 'tinnitus'. It can sound like a ringing in the ears that never goes away, and is most noticeable when in a quiet room.

Hearing protection should be used to prevent hearing loss and tinnitus from loud noises and loud music.

There are several ways to reduce hearing damage.

-Reduce the level of the noise
-Reduce the amount of time that you are exposed to the noise
-Use hearing protection to reduce the loudness of the noise
-Increase your distance away from the noise
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