Can police officers drink in public off duty?

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Probably because army officers are allowed when off duty, so police officers should be able to as well.

Added: As long as they don't do it in uniform, of course they can. They don't lose their civil rights simply because of their occupation. INTERESTINGLY - police officers are held to an even higher standard than the general public, because not only can they face the penalty of law if arrested for improper actions while intoxicated, most law enforcement agencies will discipline them or terminate their employment for "conduct unbecoming" as well.
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Can an off-duty police officer give you a ticket in California?

I don't know for sure, but if they have take home cars that they are allowed to drive in their off time, I would imagine that means that they are always on duty. Answer Yes,

Can an off duty police officer give you a ticket in Florida?

Yes. As long as they are within their jurisdictional boundaries they may personally issue you a citation. Officers/Deputies/Troopers are on duty 24/7 and there certifications

Can off duty police officers come on your private property?

As a legal matter, police officers are never 'off duty' and are sworn to uphold the law at all times. Therefore, in the performance of their official duties, yes they can. H

Can an off duty police officer arrest you?

It depends on where you live. Some off duty officers can arrest you, however in some places, the can only detain you where u stand until an officer is at hand to arrest you.

Does a police officer have a fiduciary duty to the public?

No. The police officer has a duty to protect the public from the criminals. Criminals are also part of the public, and the police do not have to help the criminals make good

Can a hospital police officer carry guns off duty?

In California, Yes... Under the authority of CA Penal Code 12027(a)(1)(A). A Hospital Police Officer in CA can also carry a Firearm on duty if so authorized by their employing

Can you flip off an off duty police officer?

Yes, it's legal. In all cases in the United States at least. Evenif the police officer is on duty. Even if a city or state has some sort of disorderly conduct law, anobscene

Does a off duty police officer not in uniform have to inform you he is an officer?

If he is engaged in activity that requires being a police officer, such as making an arrest or serving a warrant, then, yes. Otherwise, the off-duty office is not obligated to