Can police officers drink on duty?

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A police officer is technically on-duty 24/7, even when they're not on the clock. When they're on the clock, they wouldn't be permitted to drink, save perhaps for special functions, such as a police ball, etc.
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What are the duties of police officers?

Police officers take risks and suffer inconveniences to protect the lives, defend civil liberties, secure the safety of fellow citizens, and they endure such risks and tolerat

What are the main duties of a police officer?

Primarily to enforce the criminal laws and regulations and protect the citizens and property in his jurisdiction. In actuality, an officer's job covers much more than this nar

Can an off duty police officer arrest you?

It depends on where you live. Some off duty officers can arrest you, however in some places, the can only detain you where u stand until an officer is at hand to arrest you.

Does a police officer have a fiduciary duty to the public?

No. The police officer has a duty to protect the public from the criminals. Criminals are also part of the public, and the police do not have to help the criminals make good

Does a off duty police officer not in uniform have to inform you he is an officer?

If he is engaged in activity that requires being a police officer, such as making an arrest or serving a warrant, then, yes. Otherwise, the off-duty office is not obligated to

Can police officers drink in public off duty?

Probably because army officers are allowed when off duty, so police officers should be able to as well. Added: As long as they don't do it in uniform, of course they can.

Do police officers serve on jury duty?

Police Officers are no longer exempt from jury service. This was changed when Criminal and Justice Act (2003) was amended. Police officers are not to mislead any other members