Can portland cement be mixed with latex paint?

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i suppose, but it would make some pretty nasty paint. If your trying to make a color coat for stucco or something, a dry colorant available at a masonry supply store would be a much better option. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? might be able to provide a better answer
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Can you mix alkyd paint with latex paint?

Th e short answer is NO! oil (alkyd) and water (latex) do not mix! there are however coating additives that are available that will allow this BUT only if they are incorporate

Can you mix latex paint with enamel paint?

Enamel paint can only be mixed with latex paint if the latex paintalso has enamel in it. If the latex paint is oil based then it cannot be mixed with enamel paint.

Can you mix latex polyurethane with latex paint?

If you want to keep your paint color pure and cover your object and/or project with 1 or 2 coats, I wouldn't, it sounds like your trying to eliminate a step, I know they do it

Can you mix latex paint with flat paint?

Yes you can. Latex refers to what base the paint is. Latex is water based and therefore can be cleaned up with water. Oil based paint is cleaned with a chemical. Flat refers t

Can you use latex paint on cement?

Yes you certainly can. It provides a good bond and also flexes withtemperature changes. Over time you will need to replace it. Acement dye may be preferable.

How do you mix Portland cement for mortor mix?

mortor is a mix of cement & sand in a ratio suited for a specific purpose. For plastering walls a ratio of 1 part cement to 6-8 parts sand is used depending on the strength r

Can you mix metallic paint and latex paint?

The question is unclear. There are three types of paint by base: oil, water, and epoxy. None of the three can be mixed. Rather, one can mix the any two or three of them, but t

Can you mix latex paint with primer?

No. It will alter the colour and properties of the paint - but you can buy premixed paint and primer at the store that is designed to work together.

Can you mix latex stain and latex paint for deck painting?

The short answer it yes, it will work. However, solid latex stains are designed to penetrate the wood and to show the texture of the wood, while paints are more adhesive and d