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Can psychologists diagnose depression?

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Yes, but they cannot prescribe medication.
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How does a doctor diagnose depression?

A doctor diagnoses depression by establishing the existence of some classical signs that indicate a person may be depressed instead of just sad:   * You either want to slee

If a person is diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety are they considered mentally sane?

Yes, the person with severe depression and anxiety is definitely sane. Depression is not related to being insane. Depression is a medical condition where the person's neuro-

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What conditions are required before someone is diagnosed as clinically depressed?

Here are the specific guidelines according to the DSM-IV:    This disorder is characterized by the presence of the majority  of these symptoms:   Depressed mood mos

If depressed do you see a psychologist or psychiatrist?

It depends on the treatment that you would like to receive. The psychological approach uses more therapy and suggestive treatments in combination with medicine then a Psychiat

What is a psychologist?

Psychology : the science of mind and behavior; the mental and behavioral characterstics of an individual or group. So a Psychologist is the person who studys that.. In additi

Can you collect unemployment benefits if diagnosed with depression and anxiety directly related to your job?

To collect unemployment benefits you must be ready, willing, and able to work. If you are not, you may fare better applying for disability benefits, if your problems are docum

Can a serotonin blood test diagnose depression?

    Answer     No, although depression may be caused by a serotonin imbalance, this cannot be diagnosed with a blood test. In order for that to work, you wo

What does a psychologist do?

Answer   There are many different types of psychologists out there.   The type that people are most familiar with is a clinical psychologist. These people help to diag