Can radishes grow in gravel water or chlorine?

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yes they can
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Can plants grow in chlorinated water?

No. The chlorine kills anything trying to grow in the waterincluding any plants. Of the chlorine should evaporate or if onlyin a small dose then some plants may survive.

Can radishes grow with a liquid other than water?

You can grow Radishes in sugar water, i might try growing the in different kinds of seltzer... You can also use liquid fertilizer... THIS PROJECT IS DUE IN 2 MONTHS! Please re

How do you grow a radish?

Radishes are a great plant to grow, for they germinate real quick. It is common to mix a few % of radish seeds with carrot or parsnip seeds (much slower growing) so as to have

How long does it take a radish to grow with sugar water?

You don't grow plants in sugar water. Ever. the solute concentration of the water makes it difficult for the plants, especially a crop plant such as the radish, to adjust i

What water temperature is best to grow radish seeds?

room temperature is the best, hot water seems to kill it fast and cold water makes it grow very slowly. We did an project on it in my 7th grade science class. After three days

Do radishes grow better with a liquid other than water?

Radishes will always grow best with water, however if you dilutemilk or soda with water they can be used as well. . +++ . No doubt they will, but the plant is only intereste

Can you grow radishes in car tires?

You probably can if you cut them up. Radishes can even be grown in small milk cartons. Just add in soil, maybe a tiny amount of fertilizer, enough seeds for the container, and