Can steel wool be used to seal a hole around a radiator pipe?

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I have sealed holes around cables and pipes with steel wool . . . it tends to discourage gnawing; however, if it's in a moist location, it will rust like crazy. I now use fiberglas insulation for the same purpose.
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How can you repair scratched chrome after someone used fine steel wool on it?

Answer . Believe it or not, use simple old toothpaste! NOT A GEL TOOTHPASTE, but the best is Baking Soda toothpaste "Arm & Hammer" if you can get it. Use a very soft close and dip it in the toothpaste and go in circular motions and then wipe clean with a soft dry cloth. You won't get it all (MORE)

What is the best type of steel wool to use as a liner in a firearm silencer?

Ideally you would want something that is lightweight and corrosion resistant. I suppose titanium wool would be best, but I don't know if it exists. Stainless steel wool would be better than regular steel wool because it would last longer. Some of the best suppressors don't use steel wool, but use ba (MORE)

What is the chemical formula of steel wool?

Steel wool is fine ribbons of steel, and steel doesn't have a fixed chemical formula. We know that steel is mostly iron (Fe) with a percent or so of carbon. We also know that different trace metals appear in it as well. We thus know that steel wool doesn't have a specific chemical formula as it is a (MORE)

Don't health departments recommend not using steel wool to clean cooking pans as little bits of the steel wool pad can get embedded in the pan and therefore can get into your cooking?

no that is kind of stupid because steel can't kill you if you only ingest a tiny bit any way u need at least a certain amount or we wouldn't use stainless steel cooking things.. . no you are stupid it could affect you digestibve system and stainless steel and stel wool are two totally different thi (MORE)

How does steel wool burn?

Steel wool doesn't burn. It has oil on it from the manufacturing process. That is what you see burning. The steel remains after the oil burns off.

Will steel wool corrode in water?

The simply answer is yes. Steel wool does not have a coating that will protect it from rusting in water. But rusting will take some time.

What will Pepsi do to steel wool?

\nDepends on whether you leave the steel wool in the Pepsi.\n. \nIf you take it out, the water in the Pepsi will cause the steel wool to rust away.\n. \nIf you leave it in, the phosphoric acid will slowly dissolve the steel wool.

Why does steel wool corrode from water?

Steel wool corrodes from water because the water has oxygen. If the steel wool is in contact with both the water and oxygen it will begin to rust rapidly. The rusting will take a while. It will take between 5-7 days.

Can steel wool be used on bathtubs?

Yeah if you want splinters up your asss everytime you take a bath. . Let's presume that you plan to rinse all those splinters down the drain... . Yes, you can. HOWEVER, fiberglass tubs will be permanently dulled by the steel wool. Breaking the shine of the gel coat is the first step in repainting (MORE)

Does steel wool rust?

Yes steel wool rusts, Steel wool is a ferrous material, meaning it is mostly iron.

Is steel wool a pure substance?

steel is an alloy consisting of mostly iron, with a carbon content which varies depending on how stiff/brittle you require the material to be

Did water used to travel around in wooden pipes?

Yes, although 'pipes' might not quite be accurate. "Pipes" would seem to be something that could be made to exact specifications and interchangeable. Neither open wooden systems and hollowed out logs would really fit this idea. Copper and other nondurable metals were probably the first true 'pipes. (MORE)

Can steel wool rust?

Yes, steel wool can rust. Steel is a ferrous material, meaning it is mostly iron. Rust is iron oxide. Thus, if you keep steel wool wet, it will certainly rust. Adding an oxidizer will increase the rate of this process as well.

What are the results of steel wool an a battery?

Putting steel wool on a battery connects the two terminals of the battery, causing electrons to flow through the steel wool. This makes sparks fly out of the steel wool, which heats up rather quickly. it is one way to start a fire as the steel wool will get red hot and burn you or start a fire

What is steel wool made out of?

Steel wool is also known as a wire wool . It is made from low-carbon steel, it should be as much as possible close to plain iron.

How do you make fire with steel wool?

use the steel wool to complete the circuit on a 9 volt battery. Touch it to both ends of the battery at once and it will spark, have kindling nearby to be lit by the steel wool.

Is it true prisoners use radiator pipes to comunicate?

yes its true- most of the prisons in Britain are still old Victorian buildings - it was first started by prisoners of war in this country ( they had knowledge of Morse code ( the system first used to communicate by electrical bursts- Marconi etc..) Any one in the naval forces ( at sea ) has a knowle (MORE)

What tool is used to thread steel pipe?

We use a die of the proper size to cut threads on steel pipe. This pipe die can be turned by hand, or by machine. There are examples of this process in any good hardware or large home improvement store. They have pipe threaders on the premises, and they can thread most common pipe stock.

How do you seal stainless steel pipe thread?

Stainless steel pipe threads are prone to leaking as well as seizing or gulling of the threads. After many years of experience and pressure testing systems up to 7700 PSI I have found this works best. Apply UNASCO MX-68 Silver Stainless Steel Pipe Thread Sealing Tape to the threads (4-5) wraps is su (MORE)

What element is steel wool made out of?

Steel wool, being made from steel, is an alloy of a number of different elements. Carbon and iron are the main two, though others are frequently added to give steel various other characteristics. Chromium, for example, is added to create stainless steel.

Why is the combustion of steel wool similar to the corrosion of steel wool?

Both need oxygen and a main heat source like a Bunsen burner witch is a non luminous flame but you can use a wick candle and take a piece of steel wool and fluff it up a bit so oxygen can get in to the spaces to let the steel wool burn faster and more efficient because the oxygen feeds the flame. Th (MORE)

When do use steel seal?

If you have a blown head gasket. you pour it in the radiator and it's suppose to fix your blown head gasket. I've never used it so i don't know if it actually works

Can a radiator be sealed?

Yes if it isn't cracked into pieces, you'd have to go to a shop and have it professionally done. However, depending on the damage prices could range from 200- 600 bucks.

What type of substance is steel wool?

Steel wool is an alloy of iron, with carbon content (and other elements) as needed for the particular characteristics, such as strength and brittleness. It is a spun mesh of steel wires, (again,) said mesh being designed for the particular application.

Why does vinegar dissolve steel wool?

By answering this question I'm assuming you meant steel wool? Vinegar is a weak acid but exposure over extended periods of time will cause corrosion to metals.

Is steel wool considered an abrasive?

Steel wool is considered an abrasive yes. It is an abrasive material composed of long steel fibers of varying degrees of fitness that are matted together. -Shakira

Why is salt not used as antifreeze in steel radiators?

Salt will turn back into a solid where there is any air in the system. This will block the radiator or any other part of the system that contains air. The Heating system is the most likely to become clogged by salt deposited due to being the highest point of the system and most likely to contain air (MORE)

What wool is made from steel?

Steel wool or wire wool (often in the form of a pad for scouring dishes). In Australia, for example, this was manufactured under the name 'Jex'.

Where can steel wool be bought online?

Steel wool can be found on Google Shopping and Amazon. It can also be purchased online on the websites of various hardware store chains, such as Lowes, Home Depot, and regional chains.

What to do if car uses dex cool with steel seal?

I wouldn't suggest it. Dexcool is a completely different, longlasting coolant exclusive to GM vehicles. Dexcool's anti corrosiveproperties do not vibe well with, what I believe, is the EthyleneGlycol base that steel seal mixed with in suspension in order toseal your head and other cooling areas. . (MORE)