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Can surfactants coating the organizem preventing interaction with its environment?

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A substance composed of lipoprotein that is secreted by the alveolar cells of the lung and serves to maintain the stability of pulmonary tissue by reducing the surface tension of fluids that coat the lung. Answer In another context, a surfactant is the ingredient in soap or detergent that can break the surface tension of water, making it possible to get things much cleaner than just dunking them in water would. improved answer, surfactant is any compound which is used as surface sterilizing agents, or in other words.. they are disinfectants used for removing the microbes present in the surface. some surfactants are phenol - which is the first used disinfectant, ethanol - 70% concentration is used in most of the laboratories, dettol - a readymade surfactant, formaldehyde - too an effective surfactant.
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What does a surfactant do?

A surface-active agent 'surfactant' usually cleans something. ie -soap is a surfactant.

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