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Can taking Armour Thyroid help with hair loss?

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If the hair loss is caused by hypothyroidism then yes, thyroid replacement therapy will help you to stop losing hair and you will start seeing new growth. If your thyroid has been failing for sometime it may take 3 months or more before you see a noticeable difference.
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Can centrum help with hair loss?

Centrum multivitamins do not necessarily help with hair loss.  Eating foods with more B vitamins, along with Centrum multivitamins  can help hair growth.

Can selenium help hair loss in womens?

Selenium has been shown to slow patterns of certain hair loss. Although this is usually caused by an excess amount of testosterone in the woman's system. This is usually cause

How does olive oil and honey and cinnamon help for hair loss?

Olive oil is helpful as it makes hair soft when you have frizzy or dry hair and has alot of vitamins in it. It also gives shine to your hair and makes it grow faster. Honey

Does kerosene help stops hair loss?

yes! I can say its helping in hair growth but i don't know the usage.... once i heard a tip on a TV channel about using kerosene oil in bald hair. One of our famous chef Rahat

Does Terbinafine tablets help with hair loss?

I took Terbinafine for 12 weeks for a toenail infection. I have always had a fairly thick head of healthy hair. I never dye or treat my hair in any way. My hair started fallin

Can you use iron supplement to help hair loss?

An iron deficiency can definitely cause hair loss. So it wouldn't hurt if this were the problem. Biotin and MSM are both good supplements for hair loss. MSM will change the te

What vitamins can help hair loss?

Lack of certain vitamins and minerals in your diet can lead to iron deficiency or anemia that can contribute to sudden hair loss. A fundamental principal in natural hair loss

Which vitamins help stop hair loss in women?

There are plenty of vitamins, minerals and supplements that can assist in reducing the severity of hair loss or help to prevent it by promoting the growth of strong, healthy a
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What are some creams that help prevent hair loss?

There are many hair creams available that are designed to prevent hair loss. Examples include Ervamatin Hair Lotion, Himalaya Hair Loss Cream, and Trichup Herbal Hair Fall Con