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Can taxes be taken for student loans?

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Federally guaranteed or insured loans, yes.
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Is there a form you can submit to the government so your taxes are not taken for student loans?

Answer . No. When a federally funded student loan is in default the IRS has the legal power to seize the person's refunds until the loan is satisfied or a court order or de

Can you stop your tax refund from being taken to pay student loan debt if you made very little money last year?

Your question isn't really a tax one, but an educational loan one. The IRS doesn't really care who it gives the refund to, as long as it is a legal party to receive it. It has

How do you stop your income taxes from being taken by defaulted student loan collections?

In the US, the only way you can keep the government from taking your tax return in the future is to consolidate the loans and get them out of default. You can get help with th

Taxes be taken if you have a garnishment for your student loan?

Yes, if you are default on your student loans, then your name will be added to the tax offset list by the Dept. of Ed. So your income tax fund check will be applied to your

Student loan in default and now your income taxes will be taken even though you made arrangements to pay the student loan how can you prevent this from happening?

In the US, you can rehabilitate your loans through your current lender by making 12 on-time payments or you can consolidate your defaulted loans. Consolidation will allow you

How will you know if your income tax return will be taken on defaulted student loan?

The Federal Management Service (FMS) applies ('offsets') income tax refunds through the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) to cover non-tax debts such as student loans. FMS sends

Do you have to pay taxes on your federal student loan?

No, fed student loans are not income.. Unless I'm forgetting something, you get to deduct the interest paid on the loan as you're paying it off. They should send out a 1098 t