Can the Condominium Owners Association in Hawaii evict a unit owner who is undesirable?

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Read your governing documents to determine which owner behaviours violate the agreements that the owner signed when the owner purchased a unit.

'Undesireable' is a judgmental word that requires more precise definition. 'Drug dealer', 'non-payer of assessments', 'brothel keeper', 'noisy party host' each defines a different level of 'undesireable'.

Usually governing documents provide processes and techniques for notifying an owner who behaves in ways that are not allowed by the governing documents. Remedies may include fines, which can become automatic liens on the owner's title.

The foreclosure route is generally the only route for removing an owner from a community, and money arrears may be the easiest route to foreclosure. (If illegal activity is taking place, notify the local authorities.)
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Can a homeowner association in Florida stop the renting of owners units?

Yes, if there is a restriction on rentals. Read the most current version of your governing documents todetermine the status of any rental cap that has been voted in as anamendment to your CC&Rs. As well, your board or association manager can provide you with thedetails in the governing documents th (MORE)

How do other owners in condo association evict someone else's tenant if they are verbally abusive and dealing drugs?

Your first act should be to contact the local police and ask what documentation is required in order to file a police report. You may also indicate that the verbal abuse concerns you and your physical safety (if it does). Once you've filed a police report, you can turn a copy over to the board, tog (MORE)

If the Home Owners Association for a condominium community hires a roofer to make repairs to the common area and there is damage to a unit owners personal property who is responsible for the damages?

It all depends.. Depending on the insurance policy you carry on your personal property, and depending on the insurance carried by the association and the insurance carried by the roofer, there would be some number of possibilities for who ultimately pays. If I were you, I'd document the loss of m (MORE)

Can a Condominium Regime Association be changed to A Zero Lot Line Complex by the owners?

Depending on the country where you live, as owners, you may be able to alter the governing documents to this extent, and usually it will take a large majority of owners -- such as 67% -- to make this kind of major adjustment. Your governing documents -- together with advice of council -- can help y (MORE)

Can a condominium association evict a tenant of an owner in Maryland?

The governing documents for the condominium association, known as Covenants, Rules, Regulations and Restrictions (CC&Rs), the associated By-laws and any Board Resolutions constitute the steps and processes involved in an eviction process. As well, there may be state laws regarding eviction that mus (MORE)

Who assesses condominium owners?

Condominiums are corporations that operate living quarters, the shared exteriors and amenities for which are owned by all members of the condominium association. (The interior of the living units are owned individually). In order to operate the condominium property, individual unit owners pay month (MORE)

Can a Florida condo association evict a tenant if the owner is delinquent on payment of condo fees?

The governing documents for the association spell out eviction processes. They also detail the steps that the board can take when an owner falls delinquent in paying their assessments. One option could be to step into the revenue stream enjoyed by the owner from the tenant, as a way to collect past (MORE)

Can a home owners association evict a renter?

Leaving eviction to the association only makes the eviction more complicated and costly, since all owners, then, pay the costs associated with the task. Best practices dictate that the owner be charged with the eviction task, and be fined for every day past the deadline that the errant tenant rema (MORE)

Can a condominium association enter a unit that is in foreclosure?

It's a good idea to check with the current owner -- the bank, or whomever owns the unit -- before entering it. For safety and security reasons -- to inspect for potential frozen pipes, turn off the hot water heater, set minimum heat in cold winter months, and so forth -- the association may be in a (MORE)

What to do when the board refuses to honor vote of the majority at a properly called special meeting of unit owners of the condominium association?

Read your governing documents and determine what percentage of owners are required to overwhelm your board. It may be 51% or 67% or some other large percentage. If you have the percentage of owners voting that are required, you can engage an attorney willing to take on clients who are not associati (MORE)

What to do when the board of directors refuses to participate in a properly called special meeting of unit owners of the condominium association?

Your question describes what could be a pending disagreement between the board and a set of unit owners. The answer you need may depend on the age of the association. For example, if you are a new community and the developer retains control of the board, you have a different set of options than i (MORE)

What happens to the condominium owner if the building collapsed in a matter of years?

Any owner of a condominium is obligated to read and understand the governing documents for the association where the owner owns real estate property. Governing documents cover reserve requirements, and many state laws also cover reserve studies and reserve contribution percentages. (Reserves are (MORE)

Do condominium owners have to have insurance in accordance with the Illinois condominium property act?

If the Illinois Condominium Property Act says that you **shall** have insurance -- not **may** -- and lays out specific terms and conditions, you are strongly urged to obey the law. In the case of a disaster, without insurance you may be doubly charged: once by the cost of recovering from the unins (MORE)

Can you get a new home owners association?

An association-savvy attorney can help you form a new association. Be aware, however, that the old association must be dissolved before creating a new one and every homeowner must agree in writing. Also note that it might be easier to modify, amend and otherwise alter your existing governing do (MORE)

Can a condominium Home Owners Association person enter exclusive use areas without permission?

It depends on the status of the person or who the person is. . If the person is simply another member of the association, and is not entitled access to the exclusive use area, then permission is probably required. . If the person is a board member, this person may be automatically entitled acces (MORE)

Can a homeowner's association evict a home owner?

Evicting a home owner from a community is a dramatic action for an association to take against one of its members. Your governing documents offer many options for helping owners understand their requirements to live in the community according to the community's guidelines. Apparently, an owner liv (MORE)

Is a unit owner in a condominium can be considered as third party claimant under a comprehensive general liability insurance?

If yours is a general question, you can ask a board member to get an answer from the master insurance policy carrier, where the association's comprehensive general liability insurance premium is generally paid. Also, ask about the deductible amount in the case of a claim. If you carry an HO-6 cond (MORE)

Who is Hawaii owner?

Hawaii is a US state- and no one person owns all of Hawaii. Much of it IS owned by the US government, and several million companies and people own the rest.

How do decertify a home owners association?

You need an association-savvy attorney and an engineer to help you decertify an association, unless there has been a disaster which has rendered the community unlivable. (The disaster situation is probably handled in your governing documents.) If, on the other hand, the owners are simply tired of (MORE)

Can one unit owner own 2 units in a 3 unit condo association?

Read your governing document to determine if there are anyrestrictions in this situation. As well, in this situation, the 33% and 66% numbers can be redflags for insurers and mortgage lenders given current restrictionsinvolving percentages of ownership..

What did plantation owners in Hawaii want to do?

Hawaiian plantations were in operation beginning in the 1800s, and some continued through the mid-1900s; the main product was sugarcane, but there were also pineapple plantations. The plantation owners wanted to be in total control of the production, as their goal was to make bigger profits. These o (MORE)

Can a co-owner of a property have the other evicted?

Generally, no. Co-owners of real property each have the right to the use and possession of the property. The situation may be modified by a restraining order if the court renders a decision that one party has acted in a harmful manner toward the other. Or, if one party has stopped paying their share (MORE)

Can a Florida condo association evict a personally bankrupt unit owner?

Read your governing documents to determine your rights and responsibilities as an owner. When you declare bankruptcy, you draw a line -- the filing date -- prior to which you request that owed debts be forgiven. Your list may include your unit mortgage and past-due assessments. After the filin (MORE)

Is there an existing list for condominium associations and home owners assciations for the state of Illinois?

In direct answer to your question, probably no official list exists. (Many of us want the same answer, but for our own counties and states. About 60% of the urban population of the USA, which is about 80% of its population, live in 'commonly owned housing', such as condominiums, co-ops and home o (MORE)

Can a non-owner be a member of a committee in a condominium?

Read your governing documents to determine the composition ofcommittees. Usually, at least one board member is required to be a member. Read the committee's charter, to determine its task, resources andtime limits. Key here is whether or not the committee has beengiven the power of the board to act (MORE)

Can condo owners be evicted by land owners?

Theoretically it MAY be possible, but in practicality probably very difficult. In some states, (Florida being one example) the condo building(s) may be built on real estate on which the condominium association pays so-called 'ground rent' to the property owner for the privilege of occupying their (MORE)

Can a co owner of a property have the other evicted?

No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property. No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property. No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property. No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the u (MORE)

Can a hoa ask an undesirable owner to sell?

The term 'undesireable' is a judgement. If an owner is in violation of the governing documents, state lawor federal law, the association can call the owner's attention tothese legal violations. Examples could be: . Holding 24/7 parties with excess noise, excess parking,disturbing the community, . (MORE)

How do other owners in condo association get a tenant evicted who is using drugs and causing a disturbance?

The disturbance issues are a matter for the unit owner. Owners with a complaint against a unit's resident can notify the board and the association's manager. If the 'quiet hours' guidelines documented in your governing documents are being violated, then a remedy can be pursued. Ultimately, the uni (MORE)

Can the Declaration of Condominium be legally changed by some unit owners if others object?

Read your governing documents to fully understand the process required to alter the land-use -- Declaration -- of your association. Depending on the content of the amendment, different percentages may be required to vote in favour in order to pass the amendment changing the basic declaration. Us (MORE)

Are condominium unit owners required to have homeowners insurance?

Yes. However, insurance for a condominium unit is more complicated than insuring a private home. Insurance provisions are made a part of the boilerplate language in the documents that create the condominium. Since the value and well being of the community depends on the upkeep and maintenance of eac (MORE)

In a multiple unit building such as a condominium building of 100 units where each has a mailbox in the lobby is it legal for the mailman to leave mail with another unit owner or person such as a door?

The responsibility of the 'mailman' -- postal delivery person, isto deliver mail as it is addressed. You can file a forwarding notice for your address, or you canrequest that your mail be held. You can give another unit owner akey to your mail box. Requesting that a postal delivery person accommod (MORE)

How can the board of directors of a homeowners association foreclose on a unit owner who is in arrears on his dues?

Read your governing documents to determine how this isaccomplished. The association and the owner both have responsibilities insofar asassessments are concerned. When an owner fails to honour theassessment obligation, the association may be able to foreclose ona unit. This action, however, is dram (MORE)

Can a condominium association evict a tenant of an owner in Florida?

Generally, tenants are required to live in condominiums in the sameway that owners are required to live there. Several steps must bein place, however, according to best practices, in order for anassociation to evict a tenant. First, there must be evidence that the tenant has been given allthe pertin (MORE)

Does SBA grant personal loans for unit owner of condo ASSOCIATION?

Small Business Administration loans money to small businesses.Their forte is "debt financing, surety bonds, and equityfinancing." Purchasing a unit in a common interest community -- unless it is asmall-business centric, common interest community and anon-residential community -- may be problematic (MORE)

A condominium has what kind of owner?

Anyone who owns a condominium, owns it with other owners. Eachowner owns a unit, with boundaries defined in the CC&Rs betweenthis property and the property owned by all owners. The boundarymay be 'the paint/ wallpaper', 'the studs', 'sheet rock', or other.

Is the patio of a condominium owner considered private?

Read your governing documents to determine ownership of your patio.There is no standard for ownership of this real estate asset. It may be a limited common element, meaning it's owned by theassociation, and available to fewer than all owners. Your governing documents also document guidelines about (MORE)