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Can the bankruptcy trustee take money for debt repayment in the six month period after bankruptcy disbursement if they receive a large Social Security Disability payment?

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Typically no. There are no absolutes here. If you disclosed to the Court that you were in the process of obtaining Disability, you should have nothing to worry about. However, if you kept this info from them, I would ask the lawyer who handled your case.
No. All Social Security benefits whether disability, SSI, or regular pension benefits are exempt from bankruptcy action.
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Should you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy if you have large credit card debt and your only income is Social Security and pension benefits?

    Answer       Talk to a legal aid attorney and they may be able to tell what to do or to direct you to the right kind of attorney to talk to.   

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Repayment of disability social security payments to insurance company?

To begin with I too have Long Term Disability insurance payments and SSDI payments. My policy was specific as to what would happen when SSDI kicked in. My monthly payment woul

Can social security disability overpayment be discharged if I file Bankruptcy?

Social Security Disability is, of course, a payment from a federal agency. While there is no rule specifically on Social Security Disability, the general rule is that any fund