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Can the canon powershot take videos?

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Yes, Canon SD1200 can take 640x480 video
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How do you use the video feature on a Canon Powershot A540?

Step 1: Select the shooting mode to video. (If U can't do this plz see the Quick/full reference guide.) Step2: Full press the shutter button to start recording step3: Fu

How do you open a Canon Powershot?

Opening Canon Powershot . Steps to opening the Canon Powershot:. 1. Read the manual, insert battery and memory card. Be sure both the battery and memory card are of a comp

Are there lens for the Canon PowerShot SX30 IS?

Not sure if it's what you're looking for - but check the related link to Amazon's web-site. I typed in your camera model and it gave 58 results. NOT all are lenses - there's

Is the Canon PowerShot sx30 a dslr?

First Anwser: No, because there is no removable lens on the SX30 itis not classified as a D-SLR.a Finay Balfour: Actually, a few Bridge cameras have removablelenses, but that

What is the value of a Canon Powershot s95?

The cost for a Canon Powershot s95 ranges from approximately $400 to $460. This depends on the retailer, any taxes, shipping charges, or extra fees which may apply.
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What are the specifications for a Canon PowerShot A630?

The Canon PowerShot A630 is a digital camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels and a 4x optical and digital zoom. The camera can produce JPEG images and MJPEG digital video wi