Can the court take your income tax refund for money owed on a repo and do they base the payments on income amount or do they get it in large amounts?

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They WANT it in as large of amounts as possible but they take what they can get. wage garnishemnt can only take 25% of your DISPOSABLE income. You should get a notice telling you what they can and cant do.
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If you file bankruptcy do you owe income tax on the amount of debts that were discharged?

This is an intriguing question considering that the IRS does consider forgiven debt to be income normally. However, I have never seen the IRS pursue any of my clients for inco

You owe a large sum of money... the creditor wants you to make a minimum payment which you can't offer to pay a lesser amount. Can they still take you to court and get a judgment?

Of course they can. You signed a loan agreement to pay a set amount each month. Failure on your part to pay that amount is considered a default on the loan.. When you finance

If EIC earned income credit is more than refund can student loans take your taxes Bankruptcy and other agencies cannot take your tax refund when eic is greater in amount than that of the refund?

Any federal or state agencies (including student loan and child support) have the right to take any amount due from your refund. It has nothing to do with EIC and they have th

Can you make payments toward the amount of income tax owed to the state?

Yes . If you owe tax on a state income tax return and you're unable to pay the full amount, contact the state department where you file your return. State income tax departmen

Is it needed to file income tax returns if the refundable amount is zero?

yes, unless you are over 65-70? years old.. ans . The amount you pay, or not, or even get refunded is irrelevant to the filing requirement. It is based on the amount of inco