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Can they garnish unemployment for spousal support?

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Yes. Spousal and child support are the only unemployment benefits that can be garnished.
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Can a creditor garnish unemployment benefits in Virginia?

I'm not an attorney, but generally any benefit payments from retirement/unemployment/social security/disability cannot be garnished. however, creditors will try to bank levy y

Can the IRS garnish unemployment?

The IRS can not garnish your unemployment. They usually garnish bank accounts and wages. You can get into a resolution with the IRS and not have to worry about a garnishment a

Can you garnish unemployment?

In general unemployment benefits can only be garnished for child support, spousal maintenance and state and/or federal tax arrearages. However, state laws are enacted and amen

Can you still get spousal support if you were not married?

Probably not, the person under most U.S. state laws would not be considered a spouse if they were not legally married. There are a few states that still recognize common law m

How is spousal support calculated?

  there are many factors to be considered :   Length of marriage   What each person needs   What each person pays and can pay   Whether having job makes it har

Can unemployment be garnished in Pennsylvania?

Under "Pennsylvania Exemption. and Non-Exemptions" in the Related Link below, unemployment benefits may not be garnished, except, like Social Security, for spousal/child suppo

What are the rquriements for spousal support?

"requirements" ... these vary by jurisdiction but typically spousal support is temporary, to give the spouse opportunity to become self-sufficient.

Can child support garnish a corporation?

If it is proven that a person is hiding their money in a corporate  account in order to avoid paying child support, the funds may be  frozen. A court order would be necessar

How does remarrying affect receiving spousal support in Ontario?

The remarriage or repartnering of the support recipient does not  mean automatic termination of spousal support, but support is often  reduced and sometimes even terminated.