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Can they garnish unemployment for spousal support?

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Yes. Spousal and child support are the only unemployment benefits that can be garnished.
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Can you garnish unemployment?

In general unemployment benefits can only be garnished for child support, spousal maintenance and state and/or federal tax arrearages. However, state laws are enacted and amen

Can you still get spousal support if you were not married?

Probably not, the person under most U.S. state laws would not be considered a spouse if they were not legally married. There are a few states that still recognize common law m

Is alimony and spousal support the same?

Yes. Alimony is also called spousal support. Alimony is money paid to the ex-spouse who earns less. You can read more about it at the related link.

How is spousal support calculated?

  there are many factors to be considered :   Length of marriage   What each person needs   What each person pays and can pay   Whether having job makes it har

How much child support will they garnish out of your unemployment?

It depends. Did you have a support agreement in place before you lost your income? If you did they will continue to withhold the same amount from your unemployment check. If y

What are the rquriements for spousal support?

"requirements" ... these vary by jurisdiction but typically spousal support is temporary, to give the spouse opportunity to become self-sufficient.