Can transmission oil mess up engine?

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I know I have had an engine that develops a tick, this is just a sticky rocker are usually, and adding a quart of automatic transmission oil will cure this. So if you have only put in a small amount, it should not be a problem, but if you have put all transmission fluid in, it could be a major problem. If you have put ATF in the engine, it may not provide the proper lubrication and you could have serious damage. If you put gear grease in (from a manual transmission) this is too thick for the engine to handle and problems will arise from this, plus you will have the most un-god-awful smell you have ever smelt.
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Where is the transmission and engine oil dipsticks located on a 95 previa?

Answer . \nHi, I have just purchased a 96 Previa so can help you a little. The engine oil dipstick is located under the front passenger seat, you need to use pull the lever on the right hand side of the seat to move the back of the seat forward, then there is a yellow lever pull that and the seat (MORE)

If you take the governor off an engine can it mess up the engine?

Yes and no. The point of a governor is to limit the RPM's of the engine. Removing the governor in tiself does not hurt a thing, but then you run the risk of over-reving the motor and chance blowing it up. Remember, just because a motor will spin that fast does not mean that it was designed to!

What happens if you put transmission oil into your engine oil?

You definitely need to change the oil as the Trans Fluid is much thinner and doesn't do the same job engine oil does . Further, the lubrication properties are very different. ATF- Automatic Transmission Fluid - needs to TRANSFER a lot of 'momentum', that is, the torque converter needs a fluid t (MORE)

Can you mix transmission oil and diesel to run in a diesel engine?

yes you can, in fact you can run a diesel entirely on filtered transmission fluid. you will have a marginal loss of power, but considering the fact that if you have a deal with a shop, or you work in a shop, the fuel could entirely be free. the reason a diesel is able to run in transmission f (MORE)

Will water mess up your engine if it is put in your gas tank?

all it will do is kill your engine if alot of it gets sucked up by your fuel pump, or else it will cause your exhaust to appear a little bit white until all of the water is burned off. but if you want to remove it, use seafoam which you can buy at schucks, napa, or autozone, or just put a bottle of (MORE)

Is transmission oil and engine oil the same?

"NO, they are NOT." ... (supervisor) Of course they ARE DIFFERENT, but not saying anything about the difference don't helps in any way. previous answer by Amclaussen: The lubrication, cooling and friction characteristics of an internal combustion engine and a transmission are completely dif (MORE)

Can a transmission get mess up if you change the oil from the transmission?

From what I heard and from my past experience. Sometimes it does hurt the transmission. What I mean is it depends on the transmission wear and tear.. For example; I had a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder SE, Transmission started slipping a little, so I figure it would help. Well to make the long story short. (MORE)

How does transmission fluid get into engine oil?

It cannot get in the engine oil unless you put it there. Trans fluid is cooled thru a cooler inside the radiator tank, or a remote heat exchanger, circulating inside engine coolant. and if optional an isolated fin cooler in front of the radiator.

How can you mess up a automatic transmission?

Don't put tranny fluid in it, Drive in the wrong gear, put it into reverse while the vehicle is moving forward, (Especially at high rate of speed) Switching into drive while reversing. or putting into park while vehicle is moving. All play a factor in destoying your tranny over time or in one shot.

If you put the wrong engine oil in during an oil change mess up the alternator?

Type of Engine Lubricating Oil versus Alternator Operation . No, the wrong type of oil within the engine should have no effect on the alternator operation. . However, IF in the process of putting oil in the engine someone were to spill some of the oil onto the alternator, AND IF some of tha (MORE)

Does doing e brake turns in the snow mess up the transmission?

It is no different than applying the brakes, only you are applying them only to 2 wheels; so what. If you are holding the gas down and your brakes at the same time you are doing some fighting amongst parts, if it were a clutch vehicle you'd be putting reverse-strains on the clutch-plate. You may not (MORE)

Yes reving a car or any engine with valves can mess up the engine you?

If I understand correctly, you mean that if you rev up high any engine with valves on it, shall you mess up the engine? My answer is no, and yes. Bear with me.... an engine uses valves to control the intake of fuel and expulsion of exhaust, if you rev it up, you won't damge the valves instantly, so (MORE)

Does a Auto start mess up your engine?

Sometimes. If your car is a 2003 or older, usually. I had a 2002 Toyota and I put in an a autostart. Huge mistake! It shorted my entire electrical system and I had to have my car rewired. I had went to a body shop to have mine installed so I figured they would cover the costs. No. Hidden in the pape (MORE)

Can you change a rear seal on a GMC Sierra and somehow mess up the transmission?

I suppose it is very possible to cause an unintended problem with the transmission while replacing the rear seal as it involves either removing the transmission, or at least pulling it back. If its an automatic transmission, you would have to remove the torque converter and flex-plate. If something (MORE)

Can transmission fluid get into the engine oil on a 1994 ford aerostar?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I believe it can if the automatic transmission uses a modulator valve that has a vacuum line connected to it because the vacuum comes from the engine . If there is a problem with the modulator valve then the transmission fluid could be sucked into the engine

Is transmission oil fed from the engine?

Almost never! The lubrication, cooling and friction characteristics of an internal combustion engine and a transmission are completely different. Transmissions require a quite different lubricant than those used in engines. Manual transmissions require a GEAR type oil, whose viscosity is higher than (MORE)

Is engine oil the same as the transmission oil?

No they are two different types of oil. Engine oil is specifically used to give power to the engine and help the vehicle in its movement. But the transmission fluid is used to keep the various steering parts in moving form. It helps the engine parts to move smoothly but the engine oil only powers th (MORE)

Will transmission oil hurt an engine?

A little bit will not do significant harm but should be removed as soon as possible. If you filled it with transmission fluid it would probably get the fluid too hot to be an effective lubricant and may cause the engine to seize up. Sometimes mechanics will put about half a quart in an engine and ru (MORE)

What happens when engine oil is put in transmission?

I strongly suggest to flush your trans. immediately, NEVER to start or drive your car ! Towing your car to the shop ASAP is probably the best answer . I 've heard Honda doesn't like to flush trans. but in this case you have no choice or you 'll have some elephant tears soon, haha ....

Will green diesel mess my engine up?

Depends on your car. Unless a car psychic passes by, you'll have to re-ask the question with the necessary details.. Car . Year of car . Normal fuel type of car .

What is the difference between engine oil and transmission fluid?

They are both lubricants but each one is blended for a specific purpose. They are not interchangeable. Engine oil must deal with high temperatures and contaminants in the open system. It is regularly drained out and replaced to remove the contaminants. Transmission fluid is used in a closed system a (MORE)