Can unlocked iPhone be used with Sprint?

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Generally, these days, phones that can be moved from system to system are GSM phones. Phones that are sold by Sprint and Verizon are not GSM - or they are not GSM on their home systems.

The iPhone uses GSM.

The system that Sprint uses is NOT GSM, so a GSM only phone like the iPhone won't work on Sprint, period, end of story.

Sprint will sell you an "International Phone" that will work as a Sprint phone in the US and will switch to GSM when you are in an area that Sprint is not in and GSM is in. Like Europe, for example.
In some countries, all cell phones use the same system. When cell phones were first introduced in the US many years ago, that was true here. There were two systems, and you paid full price for a cell phone and you could transfer it from system to system. Eventually that changed; phones were locked into systems, and incompatible systems were introduced.

But then much of the rest of the world standardized on GSM and AT&T changed from the analog/digital system they were using here to the GSM system. In the US, national carriers that use GSM are AT&T and T-Mobile.
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Can you unlock an Apple iPhone and use it with another wireless carrier?

Yes, you can do it free. The original 2G iPhone is easiest to unlock. Software such as QuickPWN can unlock an iPhone to be used on any GSM network. However, the 3G iPhone requires a software unlock. The baseband is updated with every iPhone update, so it takes longer to find a solution. However, (MORE)

Does Sprint have a phone like the iPhone?

Yes, it is called Samsung Instinct. It is $129.99 after $100 mail-in rebate, but the phone is just $129.99 total if you get it at BestBuy. It has a full touchscreen, GPS, VisualVoicemail, TV Streaming, Open Platform for Java Applications to be invented. The list goes on. You can get it with 450 minu (MORE)

Is the iPhone unlockable?

The answer is yes. It is very easy to unlock iPhone nowadays.Unlocking websites are everywhere, they are a great help. You canalso watch tutorial in YouTube to unlock it by yourself.

Can you unlock an iPhone?

yes, depending on weather you're using a mac or a pc there are several sites on google. I've posted on here previously about this. I used jailbreak my iphone to help me unlock my phone but if you don't like them there's probably 50 sites on google that will be able to help you. I asked before I fork (MORE)

Will the iPhone be coming to sprint?

The rumor now (August 2011) is that the new iphone 5 will be launched in September or October, 2011. It will be available on Sprint and T-Mobile in addition to AT&T and Verizon. Source for the rumor is a stock analyst who covers Apple. There are various other reports that Apple has posted new jobs n (MORE)

How do you unlock your iPhone?

Push the oval type button on the right-top of your iPhone thenslide the arrow across your screen from left to right. If you havea password or fingerprint ID you'll need to use that.

How do you unlock an iPhone?

To get a permanent unlock from a trusted vendor I use iFactoryUnlock. They can do AT&T in the USA and a bunch of other networks world wide. So far I have used them for 3GS, 4, and 4S unlocking on AT&T and T-mobile UK. hope that helps! Read more: http://wiki.ans (MORE)

How do you unlock the iPhone?

I will assume you do not mean the "Slide to Unlock". Unlocking your phone's cellular plan is probably what you meant. Having your phone unlocked means you have the ability to get cellular service, but without need of a contract. Unlocked iPhones cost $450 more than their contracted counterparts. Yo (MORE)

What is an unlocked iPhone?

An unlocked iPhone is being able to use your iPhone with any carrier not just one carrier like AT&T in America.

Can you use an unlocked phone on sprint pcs cellular?

You cannot put an unlocked device on Sprint. You also cannot unlock a Sprint phone. I use the term "Sprint on Sprint only" meaning Sprint phones for sprint service, and no one else may use Sprint phones. **** Not true. You can unlock sprint phones and use them with other carriers.

If you unlock your Japanese iPhone can you use it in the US?

yes you can. you can unlock your phone using i have used their software and it works a treat, also it gives you lifetime upgrades, so when apple release an updated firmware on itunes, you can update to it, then unlock your phone again at no extra cost. hope this helps

When will sprint get the iPhone?

Sprint doesn't run on the same networking (GSM etc.) as sprint does so no. Well unless the i phone never comes out with one that is for the Sprint Network. It has in the past with other phones so it may happen in the future.

Can you use iPhone with Solo Mobile if it's unlocked?

no Actually yes you can, Solo Mobile has now joined the HSPA Network in Canada and has also started using Sim cards, if you have an unlocked iPhone than go to your nearest solo mobile kiosk and buy a Sim card for 35$, pop it in and your good to go. Ive been using my iPhone for 2 weeks with solo, (MORE)

Will a unlocked iPhone work on Verizon or Sprint?

Yes the iPhone 4 currently is being sold on Verizon and AT&T currently but should be expected to be on Sprint shortly. Sadly though only the iPhone 4 runs on CDMA networks as well as GSM. If you are thinking you can unlock an iPhone for Sprint or Verizon that's under the fourth generation like the 1 (MORE)

Can iPhone be unlocked?

Yes ! iPhone gets unlocked by using software/hardware/IMEI unlocking method/ using Remote unlocking service. It doesn't requires jailbreaking. It is available at .

What does an unlocked iPhone do for you?

Unlocked iPhones can run apps which Apple bans from its App Store. This can give your iPhone additional functionality. In addition, unlocked iPhones can be used with other phone companies. This means that, for example, in the United States, you could take your iPhone to a cellular service company ot (MORE)

How unlock iPhone?

all you do is buy a turbosim card off of eBay for 10-15 dollars. you just place the turbosim on your own sim card, put it in your fone, and it will be unlocked to work on any network. I don't know where else you can buy it. look online. They got free software nowadays that unlocks your iPhone: ht (MORE)

How do you unlocked the iPhone?

i typed this earlier on another question. on the search bar , type in : Is the iPhone unlockable ? : this should bring you to an answer that should surely help you ! (: hope i helped,,

Can you use a unlock touch pro 2 with sprint?

yes you can. just make sure your sprint acct is in good standing. then call customer service (*2) and tell them that you are traveling to another country and you want to use your phone you paid so much money for. TheyLL provide instructions and give you a code to enter into your phone to unlock it.. (MORE)

How can you unlock a iPhone?

If you press the square button on the front of the Iphone (the central button), you will see either keys for you to type in your password or you will see a little red bar to the bottom right of the screen. You drag this red bar quickly to the left hand side and the Iphone is unlocked.

Will sprint get iPhone to sell?

It's rumored Apple may come out with iPhone 5 sometime in 2011 that won't have SIM cards. Which means you may be able to use it with other service providers such as Sprint.

Can your iPhone be unlocked?

if you mean unlocked from a phone service then just go to your local phone shop, but make sure it is a franchise and ask for this phone to be unlocked

Can you use an unlocked iPhone with cricket?

The AT&T iPhone can not be used on Cricket, However, With the release of the iPhone on Verizon it may soon be possible if the phone geniuses can crack the software like they did on the AT&T version.

Is the iPhone moving to sprint?

I think PCworld or Macworld did mention somewhere that apple had plans to expand their device to other carriers... but that will be some time.

Can I use an unlocked HTC Touch Pro 2 with a Sprint contract - unlocked means no sprint or other company sign on the phone?

an unlocked phone could mean one of two things. One, the phone belongs to a GSM carrier (like T-mobile, or AT&T) but being that it is unlocked you can use it with any carrier that requires a sim card. The second can mean that it is a CDMA phone with GSM capabilities normally on a Sprint or Verizon G (MORE)

Does sprint have the phone iPhone?

No, Sprint does not have the iPhone. ATT does. No, it doesn't. I phones are in hot sale on large quantity, latest designs, high quality, cheap price and it offers discount for you. Come on!

Will iPhone CDMA can be use to sprint?

As of right now ONLY AT&T carries the iPhone, they are on Edge coverage. BUT as you have probably heard, Verizon will be releasing the iPhone4 this February 2011. They are on a cdma network, as well as Sprint. It IS a possibility that Sprint could want in on the iPhone obsession, but lately Sprint h (MORE)

Does sprint have an iPhone plan?

No, the iphone is only avaiable on at&t and verizon. You can, however, get an Evo, Evo Shift, or Samsung epic on Sprint for 79.99 a month with unlimited messaging and data.

Why unlock your iPhone?

Unlocking your iphone can potentially give you many benefits likefree access to paid applications, desktop changes, manycustomizations and other.

How do you use apps after unlocking iPhone 4s?

Once you unlock your iPhone, you have two places to get apps instead of just one: . The App Store: Just as before, you can download and install apps from the App Store and use them as normal. . Cydia: Cydia will be your new repository for jailbroken apps, themes, extensions, and tweaks. You can (MORE)