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I am not a medical professional at all. I am simply a patient who was Rx'ed Voltaren for back pain. The pain covers a large area of my lower back and left side/hip area. Having been giving no counseling about Voltaren either by the Doctor or Pharmacist, I assumed it was like the many other mostly useless creams, balms and oils this Doctor is prone to calling "miracle cures". VOLTAREN IS NOT LIKE THOSE. I did NOT notice the fine print that stated there is a "dosage card" taped to the inside of the package. Only 4 grams, meant to cover a small area can be applied at once. It appears to be designed for smaller targets like knees, hands, feet. I spread a liberal amount on my chronically painful lower back. Within 5 minutes I felt dizzy and knew I was soon to pass out. I went for my chair and fell into a deep slumber. I'm starting to believe that I was lucky to awaken. VOLTAREN MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY I plan to do some more research on Voltaren and back pain, but everything I've read so far suggests it is for joint pain. I happened to be seeing my Neuro the next day and brought it into him to look at. He also did not notice the important Dosing Card and blamed another med I've been taking for some time (though not that day) for my reaction. I'm a bit miffed that it was given for back pain and that neither the Doctor or Pharmacist counseled me about this medication and its apparent "off label" use. It says nothing on the Rx label about dosage. Yeah, if I had read several paragraphs into the info sheet I would have seen mention of the Dosage Card but we're not all perfect. When I mention to this Doctor that his other creams and gels don't work, he claims I'm simply not using enough. When I described my reaction to the prescribing Doctor, he just said use less. So I'm not perfect for not reading the insert in its entirety, but neither were 2 Doctors aware of the potential of overdose even when queried about it. Ask your Doctor about using Voltaren for back pain before trying it! R
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