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Can wearing briefs lower sperm count?

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TESTICLES maintain a constant temperature for the semen they store, maintaining a constant temp for the sperm. The testes are like an automatic thermostat. When the temp is too high (lowering sperm count), the testicles drop down to cool off. When the temp is too low (lowering sperm count) the testicles go up into the body to get warm. THEREFORE, when you wear briefs, the testicles stay up, in a warmer position. Briefs don't allow the "automatic thermostat" to work efficiently. THIS is why if you are trying to have children, and have a slight low sperm count, the doctor will tell you to wear boxers to allow the testes to do there job by raising and lowering, depending on temp, to give you the highest sperm count possible. So in answer to your question: YES.

If you're thinking this may be a form of contraception - you're very wrong.
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Does masturbation lower sperm count?

Not really. Every time you masturbate, you are ejaculating the sperm you have accumulated and lowering the sperm available for fertilization. However this is only temporary.

Does marijuana lower your sperm count?

well it does lower sperm count but not to the degree where u cant have kids one day i have a 2 year old im 20 and iv smoked since i was in 6th grade

Does soda lower sperm count?

Caffeine has been found to lower sperm count. The amount of soda needed to be consumed to dramatically lower sperm quality is about 1 liter per day

Can cannabis lower sperm count?

Marijuana does lower sperm count. It also lowers seminal fluid and decreases the coordination of the sperms motility.

Can walking lower sperm count?

Walking has no effect on sperm count, unless you accidentally cause trauma to the testicles during the walk.

Does cancer lower your sperm count?

Unless you had cancer of the testicles, cancer does not lower sperm count directly, but it is possible if you had a type of cancer that produced hormones, but it would be very

Does phentermine lower sperm count?

NO, but it has more severe, side effects include: Convulsions, Fever, Hallucinations, Agitation and aggression, Bizarre behavior, Mental or mood changes, Increased blood press