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Can white spots on the face be cancerous?

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How do you remove white spot on your face?

  if you can't see your dermotologist (always best to have a professional) AND the pimple is relatively small: use a moist warm towel and apply to pimple or take a l

Does skin cancer start as a spot?

Skin cancer, as with any cancer, starts as a single cell or small cluster of cells. Cancerous cells are never visible until a tumor has grown to a large enough size to be noti

What kind of skin disease that has white spots on face?

Vitiligo is often seen are face, neck, waist, limbs, armpit, anal  area, and female genital area. Occasionally there can be hairs that  turn white in the affected parts of s

How do you treat skin cancer on face?

I have had a heart shaped skin cancer for over a year, located on my left cheek just below my eye. It was beginning to itch and turning black. I live in Costa Rica and have 2

Can calcium deficiency cause white spots on the face?

Yes, this white spots on face can be easily removed by taking calcium tablets..............as it is mainly cause by deficiency of calcium in body..........i have done this met

What could white spots on your face be is these are of vitiligo?

There are many skin conditions which causes white spots. Most common in which is the skin condition Vitiligo. And other are Albinism, Nevus de pigmentosus, Pityriasis Alba, Wh

Is a peeling mole on the face cancerous?

It could be, and don't risk it. Go to your dermatologist as soon as possible. If they say it is pre cancerous, have it removed immediately.

How can I Remove dark spots from your face?

The best treatment is lemon. Lemon lightens the dark pigmentation on the skin and brings brightness to your face. The next best thing would be to apply distilled vinegar (mix

What causes age spots on face?

It can be genetic, but age spots can also come from over exposure to the sun, bad skin care, drug use, alcohol abuse, or lack of a nutritious diet in younger years.

What is a white spot?

  a storm on a planet which lasts a month

What is causing white spots on my back neck and face?

Many skin disorders are associated with white spots so it is difficult to distinguish a particular disease. Vitiligo, Nevus depigmentosus, Pityriasis Alba, White scars and hyp

White spots on face?

The following are possible causes of white spots on the face:Leucoderma (Vitiligo)Fungal infectionPityriasis albaMiliaLeprosyPregnancyPoikiloderma of civatteLichen Sclerosis

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