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Can workers compensation disability be garnished for spousal support?

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It depends upon the laws of the state in which the beneficiary of the disability award resides. Some states allow for such garnishment, some do not, but all US states allow disabililty garnishment when it relates to child support obligations.
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Can a worker's compensation disability settlement be garnished by debt collectors?

Answer . \nStates establish the laws pertaining to exemptions that the defendant may use to protect personal and real property in a lawsuit judgment. All SS benefits and fe

Can workers compensation be garnished?

Workers compensation payments, which are provided when a employeeis injured on the job cannot be garnished. Workers compensation aregenerally exempt in all states.

How is disability benefits garnished for child support?

SSI cannot be garnished. SSDI has a separate child benefit check, so a modification should be made so that the obligation will equal it, but any arrears can still be deducted.