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Can you bathe with a perforated ear drum?

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As someone that has had BOTH of my eardrums reconstructed with skin grafts, I can tell you that yes you can bathe but you really want to take all precautions to NOT get water in your ear. It hurts. A lot. Put cotton balls in your ears and wear a shower cap.
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What does the ear drum do?

The eardrum sends sounds entering the ear canal through the air as sound pressure variations to the cochlea of the inner ear.

What is a perforated ear drum?

inside your ear canal there is a flap of extremely thin skin, if a sound gets too loud (and in some cases when it is too high pitched) it vibrates so much that it can start to

What does the ear drum do in your ear?

The ear drum (aka: Tympanic Membrane) has several functions. It helps protect our middle ear space from debris and foreign objects, it connects to the middle ear bones (ossicl

How long before you can fly after surgery on perforated ear drum?

After surgery on a perforated ear drum, you shouldn't fly until the  doctor tells you that it is safe. Flying causes changes in air  pressure, which can cause discomfort or

Will your ear drums burst when you hit your ear?

Depends on how you hit your ear. Most of the time, nothing will happen. But if you hit your ear just "right", you might force air into the ear canal hard enough to pop the ea

Herbal or homeopathy treatment for perforated Ear drum?

Calendula, arnica, hepar sulphur and silicea are some homeopathic remedies that are used in the case of a perforated ear drum. Hypericum is also recommended for pain,and arnic