Can you be gay and worship God?

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Any human being can worship God to the degree he/she is capable of knowing God. Some religions discourage or condemn gay lifestyles and culture as unnatural and therefore ungodly. However, even most of these religions admit it is not the person so much as the act that is condemned. In this sense, any act of this nature is considered sinful, but that doesn't mean the person is discouraged from worshiping God.
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Why do Catholics worship God?

Catholics worship God because they believe He is their Creator and that adoration, thanksgiving, petition and reparation are due to Him for His many blessings and benefits He has bestowed, especially that most basic of things, our own existence. Catholics believe that God created us to choose, of ou (MORE)

Did the Mayflower come to worship god and is it your god?

No, The people on the Mayflower did not come to worship god. Theycame for other reasons. Also most the people on the Mayflower werenot Pilgrim Separatists, only 36 of 102 were members of thatchurch. The "Pilgrims" were a type of Protestant Puritan sect known at thetime as Separatists. They believed (MORE)

Why do you worship God?

I worship God because He is the Creator of the universe and He gave His only Son Christ Jesus to die for our sins. I worship God because He is the only One who can give me eternal life.

Why do they worship gods?

Some people worship the gods of their parents because they have never stopped to really consider whether there really are any gods. Those who enquire may come to the realisation that there is no God, but religion also provides some people with comfort and a sense of purpose. People do not need to ab (MORE)

How many gods do the Jews worship?

Jewish people are monotheistic, which means they worship one god. Only one. "Hear O Israel, the L-rd our G-d, the L-rd is One" And more than the belief that there is only one G-d in the world, Jews believe that He is the ONLY in the world. There is nothing besides Him.

What is the name of the god that Muslims worship?

Allah Allah is the Arabic & Islamic word for God. Allah is one & only one , no partner , no similar , no son ,the eternal i.e of no beginning & no end , He is the creator ofeverything , the only one who deserves being worshipped , He is thelord of all creatures. Allah (or God) is the same God worsh (MORE)

Why did the Celts worship gods?

Answer . People worship gods for many reasons, perhaps originally because this gave them some control over their lives. They could call on their gods to ensure a good crop, a victory in war, help in a crisis or any other worthwhile purpose.. Different civilisations developed religions that suite (MORE)

Why do Hindus worship gods?

People worship gods for many reasons, perhaps originally because this gave them some control over their lives. They could call on their gods to ensure a good crop, a victory in war, help in a crisis or any other worthwhile purpose. Many who would enquire of the Hindu beliefs are themselves believers (MORE)

Do confucians worship a god?

They do not worship a god. Confucianism is more like a philosophy then a religion, so if people were Confucius they could also be Buddhist without anyone saying pick a religion and stick with it!

What god or gods did spartan people worship?

Sparta didn't have a patron god, a god protector of the city (like Athens had Athena). They worship all 12 gods but they felt closer to Zeus as they considered themselves descendants of Hercules, son of Zeus. Other gods they worshiped were Apollo, Artemis (known as Artemis Orthia, possibly beca (MORE)

What god or gods did the Assyrians worship?

The pre-Christian religion of the Assyrian empire (sometimes called Ashurism) centred around the Assur, patron god of the city of Assur, besides Ishtar patroness of the city of Niniveh. The god, Ashur, the patron god of Ashur from the Late Bronze Age was in constant rivalry with the patron deity of (MORE)

Why you worship God?

For various reasons or for no reason also. It is traditional in most of the families to worship. Someone may not worship, if they do not feel doing so. It all depends on how you think. Someone may feel scientific and rational if they do not worship. Someone think they are rational when they wors (MORE)

Why did Greece worship gods and goddesses?

to answer questions about the world and nature because they did nothave science. If lightning struck down a town they would call itthe mighty wrath of Zeus, the greek god of lightning and the sky.Today we would say it was simply a really bad storm and blame it onscience.

When do Jews worship their god?

This is an interesting question. In a way, Jewish people worship God 24/7 except when asleep, by living by God's laws as found in Torah. Because Judaism is considered in its purest sense, a way of life, not just a "religion". But incorporated into the day of an Orthodox Jew are morning prayers, a mo (MORE)

Is there a God and is he gay?

A: Whether or not there is a God is a matter of belief. If you believe so, then yes. If you do not believe so, then no - there is no God. The Kuntillet Ajrud inscriptions and the Makkedah site inscriptions from ancient Israel apparently describe the goddess Asherah as the consort of Yahweh (G (MORE)

If Buddhists dont have a God who or what do they worship?

They do not "worship" in the Isla-Judeo-Christian sense. A few basic beliefs: Buddha was simply a man, not a deity. Buddha achieved enlightenment, or a spiritual understanding of the nature of reality. Four basic Tenets of Buddhism (Four Noble Truths) 1) Buddhists belief the nature of (MORE)

How did Egypt worship gods?

yes, they worshipped many gods. Somewhat like the Greeks and Romans. Ra was the king of the gods, and the sun god.

Why did Greeks worship gods instead of God?

Because Jesus told us about God. He lived year 1 - 33. The Greek religion lasted from about 1000 years BEFORE Christ. The Greeks felt that divine influences were present in all things in life. These influences were personified as gods and other divine beings such as nymphs and satyrs. Each of these (MORE)

Why did Jesus worship God when he's God?

Jesus said if you've seen me, you've seen the Father. This existential idea is hard for some to grasp. But Jesus is all God and all man all at once. And if you have accepted that He died for you personally, then you have another part of God (the Holy Spirit) living in you. Jesus (Son of Man), whi (MORE)

Did Romans worship Egyptian gods?

As a rule no, the Egyptian gods were the one cultural group of gods that the Romans abhorred. They didn't mind the Egyptians worshiping their gods, but the Romans themselves were reluctant to worship animals. The Romans considered the Egyptian gods animals because they were depicted with animal head (MORE)

When do the Islamic people worship their gods?

Islamic people (Known as Muslims) have only ONE god - Allah, which is bsically the Arabic word for "god". Not "gods" as a plural. Muslims pray 5 times a day, each usually takes about 5 minutes. There is a prayer before sunrise (Fajr), one in the afternoon (Zuhr), one before sunset (Asr), one just af (MORE)

How many gods are worshiped in paganism?

The term paganism does not refer to just one religion; it was used in Europe to refer to any non-Christian religion other than Judaism (Judaism being the ancestral religion of Christianity). So we get such religions as Norse mythology, which had about a dozen deities, and Druidism, which as far as I (MORE)

Which gods did Cleopatra worship?

Cleopatra worshiped the Egyptian gods and strongly identified with the goddess Isis. In fact she deluded herself into thinking she was the "new Isis".

How do Hindu people worship their gods?

other person: they have to dress appropiatly and make sure there whole body is covered ME : this is the answer. Hindus worship their gods either at a shrine or at a mandir(temple) They pray, women cover their heads and all men and women walk around a shrine slowly clockwise! beat it!

When do Jewish people worship their god?

Every day, several times a day. But, in groups and community, there are designated dates on the Jewish calendar. Weekly, they worship on Shabbat. Although I cannot answer the question "qua" Jew, I daresay they worship upon waking in the morning. every time they consume food or drink, etc. When they (MORE)

Did Tutankhamun worship many gods?

Yes, Tutankhamen would have worshiped most Egyptian gods, mainly the main ones such as Ra and Horus. He will have worshiped Amen more than others because he brought back the old religion, of worshiping Amen, after his father Akhenaten, took that away and started worshiping Aten.

When is the day you are suppost to worship god?

The Bible tells us to search the scriptures daily, and to pray without ceasing. We are to give thanks to the Lord every day and to forgive as many times a day as 7 X 70 which equils 490 times a day. Can you commit 490 sins a day? The Bible also teaches us that Christ came to the world to fulfill the (MORE)

Which god do jains worship?

Jains worship their 24 Tirthankars majorly. Besides, Jains also worship other Arihants, Siddhas, Dev and Devi .

Who worship a plurality of gods?

polytheism is the belief in many gods, not one religion, but a category. hindus, Chinese traditional, tribal, ancient egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and pretty much the entire ancient world up until Abraham suggested the idea of monotheism (the belief in one God). Now the only of the largest 5 religi (MORE)

Why worship the sun god?

The sun in ancient Egypt was a source of life for planets and thus animals - and so too for people, as we have observed in the modern age, so too did the ancient people realize then. They saw this aspect of life as a divinity, a miracle, so created a identity and story to go along with the rising an (MORE)

How did people worship god?

Dear Questioner, Since the beginning of Humanity we humans are always fascinated by natural phenomenons. Be it Fire or Speedy winds or Lightning. They never fails to amuse us in any manner possible. When civilizations were in their prime and didn't know much about natural happenings they starte (MORE)

How did the Canaanites worship their gods?

A: Each Canaanite kingdom, including both Judah and Israel, had its national god and other gods for different purposes. The understanding of these gods changed over the centuries, with goddesses predominant during the middle to late Bronze Age and male gods predominant throughout the Iron Age. Anim (MORE)

What god Do Chinese Worship?

Just like in the USA, and most other countries, not everyone in China worships the same god. However, Buddhism is currently the largest religion in China. If you would like to know more about Buddhism, there are many sites available on the Internet on this subject.

What religions worship a god or gods?

Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Satanism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses. Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormonism all worship the same God, but Mormonism believes that the God head (which is the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit) are three different gods, so (MORE)

What god or gods do Hindus worship?

Hindus have 3 basic GODS: BRAHMA, VISHNU/SHIVA (who is one god with 2 faces) and SHAKTI and they form a triad or trinity of 3 gods, (a TRI-MURTI), who are the 3 fundamental principals of Hinduism . BRAHMA is comparable to the God of Original Creation. Half masculine and half feminine, the female (MORE)

How do you worship your god?

Well I'm a Christian and I'm supposed worship God by praying, going to Church, reading from the Bible, following Christian laws etc.

Can a person be gay a worship God?

Yes. Millions of gay people all over the world worship God. Thereare also numerous religions that do not condemn homosexuality, suchas: Buddha's Light International Association Conservative Judaism Eckankar Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Liberal Quakers Metropolitan Community Church Presbyt (MORE)

What god or gods did Mesopotamians worship?

The Mesopotamians worshiped many god for different things, say, forflooding or basket weaving. In each city-state, there was aziggurat, which means "mountain of god" or "hill of heaven". There were hundreds of Mesopotamian gods. The most well known onesare Tiamat, Marduk, Ishtar and Enkil.

What did the greek worship before worshiping there gods?

That's a tough one to answer. They always worshiped their gods in one fashion or another, though the names and importance of individuals changed over time. Since the names of the gods relate to what they did, it can be assumed that the prehistoric Greeks worshiped nature.

Did the egyptians worship a God or Gods?

Both at different times. As Islam is now the predominant religion in Egypt, they currently worship Allah. Back in ancient times the Egyptian religion was polytheistic for much of its history, but Akhenaten, Pharaoh circa 1353-1336 BCE switched Egypt into a monotheistic religion worshiping Aten, a th (MORE)

Do gay people worship Satan?

It appears the question is an expression of hatred or homophobia,since there is no evidence to suggest that gay people worshipSatan. . Whether or not homosexuality is a sin, it is no more an expressionof Satan worship than is the sin of hate, so the answer must beno..