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Can you become a foster carer if you have been abused?

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Depends on what happened and how you are today etc. They make a personal evaluation of everyone who apply.
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How old do you have to be to become a foster carer?

In order to be a foster parent you need to be an adult of the age 18 years or older and in a stable residence with a stable income, and have no criminal record. You will also

How much do foster carers earn in Australia?

80k tax free . Make sure you get a special needs child. Make sure you are single ..then you get the single parents pension. Live off that and SKIM the rest . My neighbor has h

How can you get to a party without foster carer knowing?

I suggest you don't do this because no matter which way you do it you will get into problems/trouble. Is it worth it? I know you really want to go and sometimes there are thin

Can you become a foster carer if you used to self harm?

If this was something you did in your teen years but has had no problem during your adult life, they will not hold that against you. It all depends on what type of self harm a