Can you buy Xbox live gold with Microsoft points?

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Well, i just got mine, and it costs just £7 for 2100 MS Points, saving you like £13 ! Check it! :D not sure how long the Promo code will last.
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Where do you buy Microsoft Points?

You can buy points on the Xbox Marketplace on your console and with your credit card. You can also buy Points gift cards at most stores that sell Xbox games.

Can you use Microsoft points to renew Xbox live membership?

Yes. Here's the official answer from Xboxlive: Q:Can I use a code from a prepaid card to renew my current membership? A: Yes.When you enter a code from a prepaid card to renew your current membership, your membership will continue through its current billing cycle. At the end of the membership (MORE)

Does sb get Microsoft points by buying a Gold Membership card?

No, by buying a gold membership card you just get Xbox LIVE access. No Microsoft points. But why would you PAY for your Xbox Live? You can get a FREE Xbox Live Gold Membership for free with the help of my site. It even has a video tutorial to help. (LINK at bottom)

Do you need Microsoft points for Xbox live?

Not really. You only need an xbox live card. you can get them at wal-mart. you can, however purchase Microsoft points to download certain material once you have xbox live. it is optional. i don't really use Microsoft points much at all.

Do you need Xbox live for Microsoft points?

Yes. Xbox Live is like a "Disney ticket" to unlock all of the features of the Xbox 360. Microsoft Points are used to purchase games, music, movies, and TV shows and send them to your Xbox 360 HDD.

How do you pay for Microsoft points over Xbox live?

An easy way of doing that is to try and buy something then you get the option to buy micrsoft points, if you have a card or your parents do then you can give the details in. Plus that means you don't actually have to leave your xbox. :)

How do you get Microsoft points on your Xbox live account?

To get Microsoft points you have to go to Game or Gamestation or other places or even on the internet and buy the for about £18.00 and then scratch the code of the back then go on your xbox press the xbox guide button in the middle of your pad and then go all the way to the left and it should say (MORE)

What can you buy with Microsoft points?

With Microsoft points you can buy downloadable content in the online xbox store on the xbox 360 such as lassic arcade games, movies, themes for your 360, music videos, and add on content to extend the playablility of games. You can even get free mspoints by going to: (MORE)

Is downloading free Microsoft Xbox Live points safe?

No, a lot of them if not all of them have viruses that can harm your computer. Also, it's against Microsoft's TOS to mess with their software so legal action could be taken against that person that does tamper with their software.

How do you buy points for xbox 360?

the easiest way to avoid the credit card numbers is to just go down to wallmart or Fred Meyer and go into the electronic section and they have little xbox gift cards

Can earn Microsoft Points for Xbox Live?

No you cant earn Microsoft points you have to buy them. However you can earn gamerscore for doing certain feats in games which basically represent your skill.

Can you buy Microsoft points at the store?

Yes, you can. You can buy various Xbox LIVE cards (3,6,12 month) and Microsoft point cards. I don't know how many points you get, but it costs around 25 USD$. You can find it usually in the electronics section of major stores (Target, Best buy, etc) or in game stores.

Can you buy a movie with xbox points?

Yes, in the Zune Video Marketplace. or, if you would like to pay cash on a credit card you can use VUDU Movies. I recommend VUDU because you receive $5.00 in credits, which you can use to rent to a new release.

What can you buy with 600 Microsoft points?

I Made a game with zombies. 1 - 400 points Skyrim: Hearthfire - 400 points (MORE)

Do you need Xbox live or Microsoft points for Minecraft?

Yes. Minecraft costs 1600 Microsoft points (or $20). If you or a friend happens to own it already, there's a way using download sharing to enable both Xbox devices with Minecraft. YouTube provides an excellent source of this information for free. In order to share downloads, you have to download you (MORE)

How do you get Microsoft points for xbox 360 for free?

Well there's this thing called business and if Microsoft points were free, Xbox would be out of it. If you really want to save your money for some points, win a contest or giveaway and you may get lucky. Items worth money aren't given away for free like that. It would be like asking "How do you get (MORE)

Is Microsoft going to cancel Xbox Live?

No information about them doing so has been released by Microsoft.As for personal opinion on the matter though, I'd have to say nobecause they know that since they have restrictions on Xbox One -it'd cause them to loose a lot of income from doing so.

Do Microsoft points work on Xbox One?

Microsoft Points were discontinued in 2013 in favour of localcurrencies. Therefore you can only purchase digital content usingyour own currency on the Xbox One.