Can you buy a ipod with a iTunes gift card?

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I do not think so, because it is only for itunes. But you can get (for example a walmart or target gift card) and buy an ipod from there.
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In your ipod where do you put the code from your iTunes gift card?

You go to iTunes, click Redeem Gift Card, and type in the code on the card.

Where can you buy iTunes music cards for Christmas gifts?

You can buy them basically everywhere! * Target* Fred Meyers* Best Buy* Circut City* Wallmart* ETC...They are basically at every major companys.

How do you buy an iTunes gift card?

There are a great number of places where you could buy an iTunesgift card. You could buy one at your local store for example.

What if you have a itunes gift card on your ipod touch and you want to buy music on your mac?

As long as your iTunes account is the same on your Mac and your iPod Touch you'll be able to buy on your Mac. However if you have different accounts then just sign out of the one on your computer and log into the account you used for your iPod.

Were can you buy itune gift cards?

You can buy them in almost any store that sells electronics like ipods or you can buy them online. You Can buy Itunes Gift Cards Online from

How do you buy songs on iTunes with a gift card?

You go on itunes store and click the little house on the middle top of the screen. Then you look at the right and click Redeem. Lastly put in the number on the back of your gift card. You hve to scratch the thing to get to the numbers.

How do you redeem an iTunes gift card on iTunes?

There is a Quick Links box in the top right corner of the iTunes Home page. In there is a Redeem link. Click on the Redeem link and then enter the card number into the box and click the Redeem button.

How do you buy a movie on iTunes with a gift card?

You enter the card's details from the Redeem link top right of the iTunes Home page and that will credit your account with the amount of the gift. You then select a movie normally and the cost is deducted from your account.

Can you put an itunes gift card on an ipod touch without a computer?

yes, go to the ipod touches itunes store and go to downloads and in the top left hand corner says redeem, click on that and enter the code.

Why can't i buy iPod Touch apps with my iTunes gift card?

Answer- You can buy ipod apps with your itunes gift card. Enter your code on itunes and it should show your amount on the bottom. If you have enough money in your account you can buy a app by clicking on it then clicking buy

Can you buy songs with an iTunes gift card on your itouch?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is download iTunes, and click redeem. Then you start buying songs, videos, or apps.

How do you redeem a iTunes gift card on an ipod touch?

On an iPod Touch the Redeem button is found by scrolling to the bottom of the page on the iTunes or App store apps.

If you buy songs on iTunes with a gift card does it charge money to your house or to your credit card?

you bought the giftcard already meaning u already paid for it so whatever u paid with for the giftcard it puts it on that

How do you download iTunes gift card on to your iTunes?

first you open up your itunes and then go to itunes store when its done loading there will be on the right side of itunes that says quick links and then go to redeem :)

How do you put iTunes gift card money on your iPod touch?

To put iTunes gift card money on your iPod touch you go to the iTunes app. It is purple and has a music note on it. Then you press the Music icon on the bottom left hand corner. Scroll down until you see the redeem button. Then click on it. Enter the code on your gift card and hit redeem which is in the upper right hand corner.

Is there a difference between an itunes gift card and an app gift card for ipod touch?

theres not a difference i guess because ive been thinking the same thing i and looked on alot of website and it says that the itunes gift card you can get any thing songs movies game and ect. and i thought their was a difference too but every thing ive look at online says that itunes giftcards you can get game and everything so i guess theirs not

Can i Buy iPod touch with a itunes card?

No but if you can afford a 200 dollar itunes card then you can afford to buy an ipod touch

When you redeem an iTunes Gift Card and you want to buy an app does it charge your credit card?

It will only charge your credit card if you have it set up to do so. Otherwise, it should charge the iTunes Gift Card you just redeemed.

Can you use an iTunes gift card to buy an iPod touch?

No, you cannot. iTunes gift cards can only be used to by what is in the iTunes Store.

How do you buy a song on itunes with an itunes gift card?

In iTunes, go into iTunes store and create an account. During the creation process you can enter your gift card number and your account will be credited with the money. If you already have an account then just click on redeem in the store.

How many songs can a thirty dollar gift card buy you on itunes?

It depends. There are some songs that are 69cts, 99cts and $1.29. So at the maximum, I would say 25 at the least and 30 at the most.

Can you use an iTunes gift card for iPod firmware updates?

If the firmware update requires you to pay for it (example: 3.0 or 3.1 firmware), then yes, the iTunes gift card can be used to pay for the firmware.

How do you redeem an iTunes gift card on the iPod Touch?

Unfortunately, you can't redeem a code directly from your iPod Touch. But to redeem a code from iTunes simply open the iTunes Store and in the top-right corner you will see a "Quick Links" section. The first item on the list is "redeem". Click this and you will be able to type & redeem your code.

How do you get an iTunes gift card on iTunes store?

In iTunes, go to the store area, then on the right click redeem or redeem card. put in the code and you are ready to go.

Can you use an app store gift card to buy music from iTunes?

The iTunes app card is only for Apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch.. Read more: .

How do you add a iTunes gift card to your ipod?

If you are reffering to buying an iTunes Giftcard from a store and redeeming it on your iPod, then I can help you. Open up the 'App Store' app, go into the 'Featured' app section. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press redeem. Type in the code (after logging in) on the back of the card and press 'Done' You have just redeemed an iTunes Card!

Can you buy an iTunes gift card with a gift card?

some stores such as target, let you trade in a target card for an itunes card, but make sure they are same price. (ex: $25 target card --> $25 itunes card)

How many songs can a five dollar gift card buy you on itunes?

Either 5 99cent songs or 3 $1.29 songs depending on the popularity of the song

What happens if you were to buy an app without credit on your iTunes Gift card?

It charges the amount to your credit card you've entered into iTunes. --- Yes, but I don't have a credit card programmed into itunes and it still let me buy the app. I didn't have any money left on my itunes card, so how could this be? --- You are left with a debt to pay to apple... You will find yourself being unable to update any apps or download free apps until you pay it off!

Can you buy ipod touch with itune gift card?

I dont think you can and I am almost positive about this answer. The only thing you can do with the gift cards is put the money in your account to go towards songs, videos, etc.

How do you uses a iTunes gift card on iTunes?

Go to the iTunes store in your computer. Then go to "Redeem iTunes gift card" it will be on the left side on your compurter, and there will be a code on the back of the card and just type it in the same way it is on the card. Then you will have that amount in your iTunes account.

Are best buy gift cards valid on iTunes?

Best Buy gift cards are only accepted at Best Buy, and iTunes gift cards are only accepted on iTunes.

How do you use a iTunes gift card on your ipod?

On the Ipod touch you go to iTunes and click music and scroll to the bottom and it will have a place to redeem

How do you put on your iTunes gift card on your iPod?

First you open up itunes on your computer, then go to the itunes store. On the sidebar under quick links you press redeem and you enter in the code on the back of your itunes gift card Or You can just got to the app store on your iPod and go to features, scroll down and press redeem and type in you code there Hope that helps

How do you use an itunes card to buy apps on an iPod touch?

Go to the purple app on the home page of your ipod and then press songs along the bottom and scroll all the way down and press on the block that says account. hope i helped!

How do you get an iTunes gift card into your iTunes account with ipod touch. there is no redeme button?

The Redeem button can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page in the iTunes or App Store apps.

How do you enter an iTunes gift card into an ipod touch?

You can go on your Ipod Touch to the Itunes store, and on the home page scroll down to the very bottom where it will say Redeem. Click that, and you should know what to do from there. =)

Can you buy things from the app store with an iTunes gift card?

Yes because the app store is part of itunes so u can use itunes gift card to buy apps

Can you use a game stop gift card to buy itunes gift cards in there store?

yes you can and if you have questions just call the local game stop or go in and ask

Can you buy an iTunes gift card with a gift card online?

Yes of course you can. Once you register and activate the VIsaprepaid card, you can use it anywhere that you want online. Mostsites online have PayPal as the method of pay which is good becauseit is reliable and secure. And also you can purchase using thegiftcard using PayPal as a "debit card". I get mine from a reliablesource that I found on google at And I in addition togetting the Visa prepaid, I get my itunes cards there as well.

Can you buy PC games with an iTunes gift card?

With those cards, you can only buy apple related stuff out of the app store or itunes.

Can you put an iTunes gift card on an ipod touch with no computer?

yes you go to the itunes app then click to the music tab, scroll down to the bottom and click the redeem button

How do you beg your parents to buy you a iTunes gift card?

So you are having to ask that question too? So do I :( Well I'm sure your parents will give you one. Don't ever lose hope.your parents love you.They just need to know why you need it ask yourself why you exactly need it.good luck.

How do you put itunes gift card money on your ipod touch with a computer?

You go on Itunes, go to your account, click redeem gift, then type in code, and walla.

Can you use an iTunes gift card to buy games?

Yes. You can use an iTunes gift card to buy games for Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

How do you buy things off of iTunes using an iTunes gift card?

you dont, you use the card to put money onto your account then spend the money on your account on what you want

Do you get billed for buying shows and movies using itunes gift card?

No the iTunes gift card gives you money on your account you don't get billed it just takes the money that you bought stuff with that the gift card gives you

How many songs can you buy with a 30 itunes gift card?

You can buy 21 songs with a $30 iTunes gift card. It would add up to about $29 if the songs are $1.29 each.

Why is the value on gift cards decreasing on iTunes when you don't buy anything?

Make sure someone isn't using your Apple ID on another Apple device. They would be able to use your gift cards and download things to their device. If this isn't the case then you should contact Apple as they shouldn't decrease if they aren't being spent.

How can you buy games with iTunes gift card?

If you know how to buy music with an iTunes gift card, it is the same process.