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Can you buy an iPhone and just put the sim card from your existing ATT 3G phone in I did so in my brother's iPhone and got service and wanted to know if there was a way to do this with a new iphone?

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An AT&T 3G sim card will work in a new iPhone.

yessss you can :) but the box for the iPhone comes with a little tool to help you open the little compartment for the sim card.... its hidden right under that part where the phone is displayed, under that flap thing....... yeah... WELL its silver and has a small tip! not hard to miss! :) okay bye!
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If you buy a att iPhone 4g can you just stick your tmobile sim card in it?

  you can't just put your sim card in it, but there are people who know how to convert the iphones over to tmobile, i have a friend that had it done..some of the applicati

How do you put an iPhone sim card in the phone?

  there is a small slot on the side of the iphone, open it and slide card in as you would in a camera for example, kind of like what you have to do on regular cellphones..

How do you put your SIM card in a iPhone 3g?

Look at the top edge of the iphone 3g. there is a long button, and a headphone hole. See the tiny hole between the two? stick a small object, such as the little pick that co

If you put your SIM card from your old phone into your new iphone 3G or 3GS you got from eBay will you be charged any kind of fee for upgrading to a new phone?

No, however you must keep in mind that AT&T requires a special data package for iPhone to be added on your account. Without this additional package, the iPhone will not functi

Does an iPhone 3GS sim card work on iPhone 3G?

the sim card just holds network information not phone information so yes you can transfer your sim card without any problems i had a sim card from about 3 years ago and i just