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Yes many popular websites offer "Investing for Dummies" online. You can buy it new or used from many websites and marketplaces. A practical price for this book is $14.
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Where can you buy books online?

Serveral places including amazon.com, ebay.com, half.com, borders.com barnesnoble.com

What does investing for dummies mean?

Investing for Dummies is a nice little handbook offered from Amazon that offers a general, all around investment advice for those of us with little to no investment background

Where do you buy books online?

AbeBooks is a really good site for cheap new and used books from sellers all over the world. They also have rare editions of books, such as ones signed by an author or if its

How much is it to buy a copy of the book 'Personal Finance For Dummies'?

The price of 'Personal Finance For Dummies' depends on whether you require a hard copy of the book or a digital download. Both formats are available at such online stores as A

Where can one buy a book online?

There are many places to purchase books online. You can locate a wide variety of books online at literature retail stores such as Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, or Borders

How do you buy book review online?

Nowadays there are many sites available in the internet from whichyou can buy book reviews online. Book reviews are available forreasonable prices. Check the service properly