Can you cancel your health insurance any time?

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You'll need to check your Plan documents. It depends if your premiums are part of a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan (aka, premium deductions are taken from your paycheck PRE-Tax). Most plans require a "Qualified Event" to make changes outside of the Open Enrollment period. If there is a qualified event you generally have 30 days to notify your employer of the changes.
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Can you drop your employer-sponsored health insurance at any time?

Answer . You can always drop due to a qualifying event. If you did not have a qualifying event, check your Section 125 Plan (AKA Cafeteria Plan). This document dictates

Can existing insurance policies be cancelled at any time if an insurer learns of new health problems?

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Can health insurance be purchased any time of the year?

Individual plans can be purchased anytime.. Most group plans have open enrollment periods, or are available for enrollment after your probationary period (90 days).. Medicar

How do you cancel a current health insurance policy?

Call the insurance agent or company and let them know you wish tocancel and request their method for doing such. If you are payingit through a bank draft I would stop the draf

How can an employer just cancel a full-time employees health insurance without notice?

Legally, in most situations, an employer cannot "just cancel" any employee's health insurance without notice. A federal law known as ERISA requires 60 days' notice of "materia

How can I cancel my federal health insurance?

If you are an active employee you would need to contact your personell office, and if retired, contact the office that handles retirement benefits. It should only require that