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Can you catch an STD or AIDS from somebody who doesn't have any STDs or AIDS from anal sex?

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It's not AIDS. It's HIV. Aids is an extreme level of HIV progression. Some never obtain the viral level to be classified as AIDS, some do. Regardless, it's HIV that you should be concerned about. Besides.. how do you know that they are not infected with any STD? Because they told you? If the person doesn't have an STD or AIDs, then you cannot create it simply by having anal sex. So the answer is no. Answer Absolutely. By having unprotected anal sex, the penis is exposed to bacteria that can cause Nongonococcal urethritis, or NGU, an infection of the urethra caused by various organisms other than gonorrhea. NGU is most often caused by chlamydia, a common infection in sexually active males and females. The bacterial causes of NGU can be cured with antibiotics. Trust me, it happened to me when I was young and stupid. Even today in a monogamous relationship with my wife, we always use condoms and lots of lube during anal sex. You people are dumb.
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Do you get std by anal sex?

Yes, you can.

What makes AIDS different from other STDs?

  There is no cure for AIDS, although there are many medications that help people with the disease, When the immune system fails a person becomes very ill and dies.

Can an STD turn into aids?

No it won't turn to AIDS. Unless you are infected with the virus HIV, no other STD will turn into HIV or AIDS.   AIDS, or rather HIV infection is an STD; there are other S

Is Aids an STD?

It isnt considered an STD because AIDS is the disorder that results from the HIV virus. you cant pass Immunodeficiancy from one person to another. AIDS is not a STD, but HIV i

What STDs can you get from AIDS?

AIDS is an immune system disease caused by HIV, which is spread by sex, among other ways. AIDS does not cause other STDs, although people with AIDS are more likely to have com

What is the difference between AIDS and STDs?

STD's are diseases caused by bacteria or viruses. AIDS is a syndrome caused by having HIV, which is a type of STD. So HIV is the STD, AIDS is a very very late symptom. no

Is AIDS an sti or an STD?

AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The terms STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) and STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) refer to infections that are acquired sex

Is hiv aids exclusively an STD?

No, it can be contracted through exposure to infected bodily fluids, which can occur from sharing hypodermic syringes or through blood transfusions.