Can you change the imei number on an iPhone 4?

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No, you can't. Every iPhone 4 has a different IMEI number and it is the only thing that distinguishes one iPhone 4 from another.
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What is IMEI?

IMEI IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a number unique to every GSM or UMTS mobile phone. It is usually printed on the case under the battery. If it is not and you have a GMS or UMTS phone, just dial *#06# and it will give you the number. The IMEI (14 decimal digits plus a (MORE)

How can you tell from the IMEI number who is the Vendor?

I recently needed also to match IMEI with the vendor and device type.. I found the following webpage where you can enter IMEI and get the device and vendor details at The only disadvantage is that if you need to match lets say more then 20 devices th (MORE)

How do you use the imei number to trace your cell phone back?

You can supply your IMEI number to your cellular provider, and they can use it to see if that particular handset is currently being used. They probably would not be able to reveal to you who's account it was linked to unless it was your account. To the best of my knowledge you cannot actually tra (MORE)

Is there an imei number written on the phone?

\nOn some phones the imei number is written on the battery, box or if it is a contract phone it may be on the sim card. If you cant find it just type hash zero six hash and it will display it.

How to download Imei number change software?

While it is possible to change the IMEI number of a phone, in most countries it is illegal. Be sure to check the laws in your area before proceeding. If your country does not outlaw it there are several places to download free software that claims to change the IMEI number of a phone, but as with an (MORE)

What is an imei number?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 17 or 15 digit code used to identify an individual mobile station to a GSM or UMTS network. The IMEI number provides an important function; it uniquely identifies a specific mobile phone being used on a mobile network. The IMEI is a usef (MORE)

Is IMEI and Serial number of mobile phones have the same number?

no IMEI and serial numbers are different. . IMEI will always start with '35********** this is not accurate. on my galaxy s3 my imei number does not startwith 35***. it starts with 99***. . and i am told that the imei # and the serial number ARE thesame. perhaps someone could better answer this qu (MORE)

How can find out SIM number with IMEI number?

Since IMEInumber is unique, it will help us in locating your lost or stolen mobile handset . For now, note down this IMEI number and keep in a safe place. You can also find your mobile IMEI number on your mobile handset packet cover. When you switch on our mobile phone, your mobile SIM card tries t (MORE)

What is your IMEI number?

The IMEI number is the serial number attached to your phone that shows what device you made calls from. Every phone has it's own IMEI number. It's usually located at the back around the battery. It's a big long number. Everytime you make a call on your phone, it leaves what's called a digital footpr (MORE)

Can the imei be changed on an iPhone?

hi, lost my iphone4 in hyderabad,india,launched a complaint in PS heard and we can track our lost phone imei no but heard even iphone 4 imei number can be chaged is it possible ?

How do you find your imei number for Verizon?

To Find The Unique IMEI Number Of A Verizon Phone, Goto The PhoneKeypad And Enter: "*#06#". The IMEI Number Should Be Displayed. Additionally Verizon is CDMA service provider and for such phones there is noIMEI, they use a Mobile equipment identifier (MEID) or Electronicserial numbers (ESN). (MORE)

Does imei number become invalid?

the imei number is the international number for ur phone ... u cannot change it or no one can modify is fixed. if someone knows ur imei number ..they can track u where ever u r since it is fixed.. now a days the Korean mobiles comes without the imei number so that the terroist use this to (MORE)

How do you change imei number?

It cannot be done. Unless you want to change the hardware and damage the phone in the end, there is no way for you to do that since an IMEI number is the identification number of the phone or the serial number.

How do you change nokia 5310 imei number?

You can't change IMEI number on a Nokia 5310, as well as on any phones, since IMEI number is another term for serial number. As with any serial numbers with any products, it's purpose is for the identification of the product. Unless you change the hardware itself and ultimately damaging the phone, i (MORE)

Can you keep your Telecom number if you switch to a Iphone 4?

Ask your new cellular provider. Most will be able to port your number from the old provider. If it's the same provider, ask them - 99% they'll keep your old number. I kept mine when switching from prepaid to a postpaid plan with the subsidized iphone3gs (they even gave me a new free SIM that (MORE)

How can you change itouch 4 into an iphone 4?

you cant really make if an iphone. you can make it call with and app called (iCall) you have to have wifi. there is no way to get 3g for it. textfree is a way to text people to. if i didnt answer this good enough please contact me at (

How do yo change the color of your message bubble on an iphone 4?

You have to change your message settings. The only colors I'm aware of are blue and green. If you have IOS 5 it comes with iMessage. This is an instant messager. If you turn iMessage off you'll get bubbles in green and if you keep it turned on you'll get bubbles in blue as long as the person you're (MORE)

Why does your phone have 2 IMEI numbers?

A phone with dual sim cards will have 2 imei numbers. This is so the phone can be connected to two networks at once. It can be out of range of one network and seamlessly switch to the other. Often this is a lot cheaper than roaming for someone who travels a lot.

How can you check your IMEI number?

Your number can be found on the box that came with your iDevice. otherwise contact your network provider who might provide you with a code to get it from your handset.

How can you change the voice mail greeting on iPhone 4?

Tap on the Phone icon from the Home Screen . Go to Voicemail . Tap Greeting which appears at the top left. . To set a new greeting, just tap the record button at the bottom left then pronounce the greeting into the iPhone and then click Done .

Can you change imei no?

Here are the 4-methods to change IMEI on any Android device. Thismethods will work most of the devices. If you lost your IMEInumber, then you will loose Network signal. You may facing thisissue while rooting your device or Upgrading OS or InstallingCustom ROMs.  Below guide will help you to fi (MORE)

How to find sim number from imei number?

You cannot. The IMIE number is allocated to the phone. You can put any SIM into the phone. You cannot. The IMIE number is allocated to the phone. You can put any SIM into the phone. You cannot. The IMIE number is allocated to the phone. You can put any SIM into the phone. You cannot. The IMIE num (MORE)

How can you find your IMEI number?

There are over 8 ways to find your IMEI number whether you areusing a mobile or a tablet. The most simple one is to dial *#06#.Below url will guide you to more even if you have lost your mobilephone.

What is the purpose of an IMEI number?

In theory the IMEI number should be unique identifier for every cell phone. This number can for example be used to lock a phone in case it has been stolen. Unfortunately there are several reports that in some cases the IMEI is not unique.

How do you change the IMEI number on a Nexus 5?

The IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity)is and ID number that is specific to your phone. It can be used totrack your phone if it were stolen, and can be blacklisted so itwon't work for a carrier. There are methods to mask or change theIMEI number on a Nexus 5 or any Android (MORE)

How do you unlock imei for iPhone 5c t mobile?

You have to call T-Mobile and have them unlock the phone for you.IMEI numbers are important in phones and if something happens to itthey need to make sure your information is secured.