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Can you claim a disabled parent on your taxes?

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YES - if you can document that your support is 50% or greater of the parents disability check
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Do you have to claim your veterans disability on your taxes?

No Veterans service connected disability pay is not reported on your income tax return. You do receive a 1099 information form from the VA for the amount of your disability pa

What if there is no custodial parent and parents share custody evenly how do you determine who claims the child on their taxes?

You come to an agreement with each other; there is no form to sign. If you are amicable, you might give the credit to the one whose taxes most benefit. Form 8332 is if one of

Does an adult child have to claim a 10000 gift from their parents on their taxes?

Answer     IRS Tax Tip 2006-14   If you gave any one person gifts in 2005 that valued at more than $11,000, you must report the total gifts to the Internal Revenu

Can your parents claim you for taxes and you claim yourself?

In the US, when another taxpayer is entitled to claim you as a dependent on their income tax return, you cannot take an exemption for yourself even if the other taxpayer does

Do you claim NJ temporary disability on income taxes?

NJ Temporary Disability premiums are paid by employees via payroll deduction, and another portion is paid by the employer. When another entity pays a portion of disability pr

If a parent has sole custody of a minor child who claims that child on their taxes?

Usually the custodial parent when all of the rules are met by the custodial parent and the qualifying child to be claimed as a QC dependent. Go to the IRS gov web site and use

Do you have to claim social security disability on your taxes?

Yes this is possible BUT. IF you do NOT have any other sources of worldwide gross income that you would have to report on your 1040 federal income tax return the answer is NO.

What if the other parent has already claimed the kid on there taxes?

Then if you try to e-file, your e-file will be rejected. Because of this, there is an urban legend that the first person to file gets to claim the exemption. This is not tru

Can you claim parents as dependents for income tax purposes?

There are a set of rules in the tax instructions for determining whether or not someone qualifies as your dependent. They have to do mainly with whether they lived with you or