Can you claim bankruptcy on court fines in California?

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You claim bankruptcy on involves all your assets and all your debts.

All are given classes or priorities. Some assets and some debts may be classed as exempt.

Generally, court fines and legal penalties and such are going to need to be paid in full and cannot be discharged in BK.
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How do you file a claim with bankruptcy court?

Answer . \nEach State can be different so type in:\n. \\n. \nThen type in:\n. \nbankruptcy laws in ________ United States\n. \nYou will get a lot of info off

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Can you claim bankruptcy on court fines in Washington state?

ALL of your debts and ALL of your assets must be included in your BK filing. There are no exceptions and you do not pick & chose.. All are given priorities of payment, some m

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No, a creditor is required to file a claim if seeking payment, otherwise that claim is considered waived. So in this case. if there was no claim, then it was waived and the de