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Can you collect unemployment in Texas if you are self-employed?

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My feeling is that you can, as long as you paid yourself a salary, issued yourself a W-2 and paid state unemployment taxes through your payroll. And are now unemployed due to losing your business or income source. That's just my educated guess.
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Can you collect retirement after unemployment?

Good question. If you have exhausted your unemployment benefits and have seriously been looking for work during your benefit period, it sounds reasonable to collect some form

Can you collect unemployment in NJ if your in jail?

No, you must be able and available to work and since you are in jail, you can't work if a job was offered to you. People do commit fraud by having someone outside file their w

Can you collect unemployment in Texas if you get fired?

You are usually eligible to receive unemployment benefits even if you were fired so long as you were not fired for "gross misconduct," the definition of which is determined by

Can you still collect unemployment if you quit?

Yes, but only if it was job related due to work conditions, harassment, toxic conditions, change in the terms of your employment, spouse relocating, job relocating, etc. all o

Can you collect unemployment if you have a home business?

Most, if not all, states make allowances for income while seeking full time employment, if you had lost a job and was running the home business to make ends meet. Obviously, y

Can you collect unemployment benefits and disability?

It depends on the state and the nature of the disability. If you are permanently disabled and can't work then you probably can not get unemployment. They will ask you in the

If you were suspended from your job can you collect unemployment?

If the suspension was through no fault of your own, then probably yes. Otherwise, it is up to the state unemployment office where you work as to their definition of justifiabl

Can you collect retirement and collect unemployment?

You cannot collect absolute retirement (meaning not returning to work) and unemployment benefits because the latter requires you to, among many things, continuously seek full

If you had surgery and can not work can you collect unemployment?

Might be eligible for Workman's Comp: If the surgery was due to working conditions you might be eligible for workman's compensation, but this is not the same as unemployment.

Can you collect unemployment if you exhausted your FMLA?

If you remain incapacitated from working even after FMLA runs out - the only reason you did not return to work as FMLA allows - you cannot get UI benefits. UI is solely for fo
In Florida

Can you collect unemployment in Florida while being partially self employed?

If you work a "free lance" or "pt/temp" job, you must claim it with Unemployment. If the gross money you earned was more than what U.E. pays for the week, you will not receive