Can you collect unemployment in Texas if you are self-employed?

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My feeling is that you can, as long as you paid yourself a salary, issued yourself a W-2 and paid state unemployment taxes through your payroll. And are now unemployed due to losing your business or income source. That's just my educated guess.
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Can you go to school in Texas while collecting unemployment?

i think so i live in Wisconsin and my step dad is collecting unemployment while going to school for a nursing degree I am not sure. I think what they are trying to find out

Can you collect unemployment in Texas if you are a realtor?

As a general rule, people on commission such as Realtors and insurance agents are not eligible in Texas for unemployment. The law was enacted to protect wage earners, spouses

Can you collect unemployment in Texas if you get fired?

You are usually eligible to receive unemployment benefits even if you were fired so long as you were not fired for "gross misconduct," the definition of which is determined by

Can your spouse be employed and can you collect unemployment?

Unemployment benefits are based on your income not your spouse's. That being said, by law (in the U.S.), the states require the benefit receiver to report all income he (i.e.

Can you collect unemployment checks in Texas if you are on probation and supposed to get a job?

If you lost a job through no fault of your own and you are eligible for unemployment, then you can collect it. However, if your probation officer wants you to get a job, then