Can you combine weed killer and lawn insect killer and apply both to your lawn?

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You can, but you might want to check with a garden store before you do because you can cause problems by mixing certain chemicals. They might have something already made for that purpose. "Agent Orange" was basically just a mix of two kinds of weed and woody plant killers.
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How do you apply sod to a lawn?

The way that I have always doen it and it worked just fine was first to wet the ground real good. Then just lay the sod over it. Either roll it out if you have enough to cover hte whole area. Or you can space the sod squares every so many feet and the grass will fill in over time. You can also com (MORE)

When should you apply fertilizer to your lawn?

Fertilizer on lawns . \nHello there!! Now is the time to put fertilizer on your lawn. Its nice a damp and you will enjoy your garden for the summer Make sure there are no weeds there first! Its ok if there are a few, maybe you can hand pick them instead of using weed killer, its better for your f (MORE)

What pest killer can you use in an established lawn to kill grub worms?

Answer . Pesticides will also kill your beneficial organisms including your earthworms. Use good above ground sanitation that promotes good air circulation. Sprays of Bt can be used if they are eating a lot of your vegetation. Bacillus thurigenisis . also: you can use milky spore or benefical (MORE)

Can you recommend a weed killer that is safe to use on your lawn but does not act as a feed for the lawn?

Answer . Boiling Water. Answer #2 . I've never tried boiling water but I suspect that this will only kill the leaves leaving the root intact. If you don't kill the root the weed will re-grow.. The solution will depend on whether you are treating broadleaf weeds (Dandelion) or grassy weeds. I (MORE)

What is in home-made weed-killer?

Salt and vinegar are what is in homemadeweed-killers. Salt deprives weeds of moistures and putsuncomfortable crystals in the ground whereas white distilledvinegar's acetic acid makes the ground far too acidic for weeds tosurvive.

Why is salt a weed killer?

Salt will kill any plant, including weeds. In moderation, its also a fertilizer. If you increase the salinity or salt content of the soil to a point of where its too high, the plant will use all of its water to get rid of the extra salt that it gets from the soil and will die of dehydration. The sam (MORE)

How do you apply fertilizer to your lawn?

Answer . We use a two wheel spreader cart. We buy bags of dry fertilizer and spread it on the lawn preferably right before a rain. The spreader carts are easy to push and easy to adjust for application strength. The bags tell you how much to put on and when to apply it. Just make sure you wash th (MORE)

Where can you buy Crossbow weed killer?

In Washington state you can buy Crossbow weed killer at McLendon'sHardware. It's not out on the floor. You have to ask for it. Theystore it in a locked cage and you'll sign your name and address toa roster to document your purchase. Its effectiveness on blackberrybushes is incredible. You can also (MORE)

What is weed killer?

Weed Killers that you buy from department stores are chemicals which you use to kill pesky weeds in your garden. However, soetimes you may just pop to the kitchen and get some natural weed killers, such as: Boiling water, vinegar, bleach, salt, or even alcohol! Basically, weed killers (aka herbicide (MORE)

Best lawn insect killer?

For a home owner purchase, I would recomend Bayer Advance. Most pest control products that home owners can buy are the same thing. There are about 3 types of pesticides you can buy now days. Most have a short life and are very stable to use.

How do selective weed killers work?

The chemical inhibits or interrupts the weed's biological processes or enzyme production. The way they work is referred to as "mode of action," and there are 11 primary modes of action which would include most herbicides commonly used in the US. See the related link below for more information.

What does a weed killer do?

Kills weeds, obviously. Most herbicides that are sold to gardeners are non-specific herbicides--in other words, the chemical solution in the jug or bottle will kill any plant that comes in contact to the chemical, no matter if it's a plant you don't consider a weed or not. It also means that it does (MORE)

What are weed killers?

In the US, "weed killers" is a colloquialism for a class of pesticides called herbicides. Glyphosate (Roundup is one brand) and glufosinate (Liberty is one brand) are a couple of common examples.

What weed killer will not kill junipers?

A non-residual, specific, target pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicide is a weed killer that will not kill junipers. The herbicide must be applied away from direct run-off draining routes and without contact with injured root or stem tissues. It tends to be a more effective, less injurious control (MORE)

Is it possible that the combination of euphorbia and Madre cacao can be an insect killer?

Well Madre cacao (Gliricidia sepium), is well known for its insecticidal properties and use as an insect repellent (as well as a number of other medicinal uses). The second part of the answer is more difficult as you do not specify which Euphorbia would be used. In general the sap of Euphorbia ca (MORE)

Is weed killer corrosive?

I had a first hand experience of it (westland weed and moss killer). Yes it is corrosive if it contains sulpher or phosphorus or urea. I had a problem with weed killer in our home where weedkiller started to seep through its box (probably weed killer is hydroscopic). Within 3 months it had eaten awa (MORE)

How can weeds be controlled on lawns?

Mowing, mulching, removing, soil-drenching, solarizing, spraying, and suffocating are ways to control weeds in lawns. Weeds can indicate macronutrient and micronutrient imbalances, such as deficient iron or magnesium, insoluble nitrogen, and over-abundant calcium, so regular soil nutrient and pH ana (MORE)

What weed killer does not kill iris?

A non-residual, target-specific herbicide is a weed killer that does not kill iris. The herbicide may be either pre-emergent or post-emergent. It must not be a weed killer that impacts all vegetation in the immediate area or that remains in the environment.

Is Brash a good weed killer?

I used it in the spring of 2012 on 35 acres of grazing land. It worked well for post emergent control of broad-leaf plants. I used one pint per 10 gal of water and a spray rig to apply it. The price was $55.00 for each 2.5 gal container of the concentrate. I waited 2 days before grazing.

Is bleach an effective weed killer?

Yes, bleach is an effective weed-killer. But it must be applied judiciously through the use of an environmentally-friend brand and with limited applications since it also may damage and kill anything else growing in the immediate area.

You applied a weed and feed product on your lawn but had poor weed control What did you do wrong?

Choosing a Lawn Care Company Choosing a lawn care company has to be donecarefully and the process may comprise a few steps. Evaluating your needs The first step of the process is to choose theright company. In order to do so, you need to know yourrequirements first. For instance, do you want a co (MORE)

What is a good homemade weed killer for lawn weeds?

Mix salt and vinegar, spray or pour it on when it is dry and wont rain for at least a day. It really works and is safer than most off the shelf herbicides. If you want to go nuts - put a big pot on your barbecue grill (outside for ventilation) and heat up a pot of vinegar and a little water, pretty (MORE)

Can your neighbors weeds touch your lawn?

Yes. They are a part of nature that you can control yourself (by weeding or spraying your own yard), but your neighbor is not obligated to keep weeds from touching or blowing into your yard.

Effect of weed killers on weeds?

It kills their roots. Answer 2 Not necessarily their roots. Some weedkillers (paraquat, for example) just kill the green parts of plants. Obviously the roots may die in the process but only because the whole plant has died. Answer #3 Both answers are technically right but are missing some (MORE)

What are selective weed killer and how do they work?

they are synthetic auxin (hormone for plant growth) which applied to lawns and weeds , when they are sprayed it affect the board leaves weeds as they take large amount of wide killer , so they the weed growth and speed up the respiration rate ,thus exhausting thier food stores and die fast ,so it do (MORE)

When do you apply weed killer?

The most important thing to do is to read the label carefully and completely before you open the container. The label contains important information including how to use the product, protective clothing that needs to be worn, the types of weeds it will control and dilution rates. With that said, (MORE)

What weed killer affects plants?

yes it does affect them, i did a science fair project and i had sweet pea plants growing and then the weed killer killed them....true story.

What is the effect of weed killer for the area?

The effect of weed killer for the area depends upon the type of ecosystem, herbicide, and weather. A weed killer that is contact, non-residual, target-specific has little impact other than upon the weed to be eliminated. A weed killer that is residual and non-target will impact the immediate vegetat (MORE)

Use of a lawn weed killer with trimec herbicide?

, concentrated Trimec Herbicide can be used safely on many lawns. You need to be careful though because there are some kinds of grass that Trimec can kill. You can use Trimec on: . Cool Season Grasses . Common Bermudagrass . Bahiagrass . Zoysiagrass. You should NOT use Trimec on . St (MORE)

What are the ingredients in preen weed killer?

Preen Garden Weed Preventer uses the active ingredient Trifluralin.Preen Southern Weed Preventer uses dithiopyr. Both prevent weedseeds from sprouting. They do not kill existing weeds or plants. Itdoes NOT contain paraquat as someone else said.

Can Sevin Ready-To-Spray bug killer be used on lawns?

Yes, it's actually designed to be used directly on your lawn. It comes in a bottle that you can connect your hose to and spray over your lawn. I have read the Concentrate and Spray bottle instructions...BOTH SAY USE ON LAWNS IS PROHIBITED...I would like to know why? The dust and the Granules are ab (MORE)

Why dont lawn weed killers kill the grass?

Lawn weed killers do not kill grass because the chemical in that lawn herbicide has been developed so that it only targets broad-leafed plants like dandelions and not grass.

When to use moss killer on lawns?

Killing the moss in lawns is simply a short term measure. Moss in Lawns is probably one of the least understood of all grass lawn problems. Treating or killing the moss is not the answer. Moss is a sign that something is basically wrong with your lawn. Too often, gardeners attempt to kill moss in la (MORE)

How do you identify a lawn weed?

Most lawns are composed of grass; anything other than grass is considered to be a weed. If you have planted flowers or decorative plants of any kind on the edge of the lawn, once again, anything other than what you planted would be considered to be a weed.

Does vinegar work as a weed-killer?

Yes , white distilled vinegar works as aweed-killer even though not all other types of vinegar do. It isthe acetic acid in white distilled vinegar that makes the soil tooacidic for most neutral or alkaline pH-loving vegetation.

Why is my lawn yellow but has green weeds?

Your weeds are 'eating' all the nutrients meant for your grass so they are healthy and your lawn isn't. I suggest pulling them out and making sure ALL the roots are removed. :)

Can Sevin Ready To Spray bug killer be used on lawns?

I think that's an EC (contains emulsifier i.e. solvents) your bestbet is a granular spread with a hand spreader or use a WP (wettablepowder/no solvents) be careful the shock of the chemical can drivethem all over the place which is why I like the granule-it releasesslowly to avoid that problem and n (MORE)