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You could contract HIV or any number of STD's. Consult a physician and get tested.
If you know that your partner has an HIV infection, get emergency anti-retroviral treatment as soon as possible. Early treatment is highly effective in stopping HIV infection.
You win a 'Gold Star' for using a condom, even if it did break. Condoms are the best way to prevent transmission of STDs, including HIV.

Also, you should be using LATEX condoms, only. There is another type of condom called a lambskin condom, which is really a lamb's intestinal lining. The perforations on these condoms are much larger than the HIV virus, so it can easily get through this type of condom.

Another thing to know, if you are concerned about transmitting HIV, is that having sex while having any kind of open sore or chafing in the genital area is a very bad idea. Condoms tend to slip off, and semen gets out and vaginal secretions get into them, because people have a tendency to not use them correctly.

1- Storage- dont keep it in your purse, wallet, or any place that is exposed to heat or sunlight. Be aware of the shipping methods of the condoms, also. Getting them in your mailbox may not be the brightest idea in the world. I am even concerned about how they are delivered to drugstores, myself- because they spend a day or so in a large hot truck. This can cause weakness in the condoms. This is a very serious issue, and should be heavily investigated by anyone purchasing condoms. Talk to the store manager and ask if the truck is climate controlled, at least. If you are planning a move, and anticipate it taking longer than a day to transit the condoms from one place to another, just throw the things out, please. The heat will ruin them, even if they don't visibly break open during sex.

2- Expiration date- always check the date. If the condom is expired, dont use it. If the packaging looks worn, or open, don't use it.

3- Open carefully. Don't use your teeth or scissors. Use your hands, and gently open the packaging, tearing all the way across, on the very top, to where you have two pieces of condom wrapper in your hands.

4- Look at and examine the condom, and figure out which way is up. The part of the condom that rolls down should be on the top. If the condom feels "hard", or "sticky" don't use it.

5- Pinch the tip of the condom, before putting it on. You don't have to pinch an inch, just the reservoir tip area. Hold onto that while you put the condom on.

6- While pinching the tip, roll the entire condom down onto the penis. There should not be any rolled portion of condom left. Condoms have a base and a tip. The base is what REALLY holds in the semen and keeps the vaginal secretions out.

7- You will be well advised to use a lubricant in addition to the condom, to avoid the abrasive nature of latex/ Latex sensitivity issues. Some people use Nonoxynol-9, a spermicide, but this seems to cause more added abrasions for some, also, because they are sensitive to it. Also, use a secondary birth control, one that you are not sensitive to, like a sponge, jelly, or foam. It is important to be well lubricated in advance, and throughout, so keep the lube close by, in case the condom starts causing irritation again.

8- When finished, stand away from your partner, and both people should wash their hands, and then take the condom off. The man should take the condom off, himself, by pinching the base portion of the condom and sliding it down, pinching and keeping the semen inside of the condom at all times. He should wash his hands after removal, also, to avoid contaminating his penis with any possible infection that was on the outside of the condom.

9- You should be aware that condoms do not protect against Genital warts, and that sometimes a person can get herpes sores on the skin surrounding the base of the penis, or the surrrounding areas of the vulva. Condoms do not protect you against getting these STD's which actually aid in the transmission of HIV as well. Sooooo..

10- CHECK YOUR PARTNER. DO go to the doctors and get all the tests done in ADVANCE. It is worth the wait.
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