Can you discharge divorce attorney fees in bankruptcy?

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Yes. They are includable, (like all debts and assets MUST be) and dischargeable.
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Are outstanding attorney fees dischargeable?

Answer Attorneys fees do not receive any special treatment and are dischargeable in bankruptcy. They may receive special treatment where they were awarded as part of a divo

What happens if you cannot afford a retainer fee for an attorney in a divorce?

Your best bet is to contact you local Bar Association for a lawyerthat works with low-income persons or they may have names oflawyers that are willing to waive the retainer an

If you paid the attorney retainer fee for bankruptcy and before filing the bankruptcy laws change can the attorney then increase the total amount to file bankruptcy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt depends. If the fee was paid and the client did everything they were supposed to do, such as give the attorney all of the documents needed to fi

Can bankruptcy discharge Social Security Disability Attorney fees?

Perhaps the pure answer is Yes, BK courts have great authority on being able to discharge debts, incurred pre-petition, in accord with established priorities of claims. So, th

Who pays for the attorney fees in a divorce case?

Usually, each party pays for their own attorney. You can ask the Court to make your spouse pay for your attorney, but you need to have a very compelling reason why that's nece

Can you file for divorce before your chapter 7 bankruptcy is discharged?

Yes although that will be a factor for consideration when the court looks at your bankruptcy application. And keep in mind that filing for chapter 7 as an individual will onl

Can you file bankruptcy without the attorney fees?

An individual can file bankruptcy without an attorney, and therefore file without attorney fees. But the process is complicated and would require a person who is knowledgeable

Can a creditor add attorneys fees to an existing loan if it has been reaffirmed during bankruptcy?

Usually the debt is reaffirmed under the same terms and conditions as originally agreed. Most of those allow attorney's fees to be added, along with costs. If the original agr

In Missouri can the attorney not file the signed divorce papers with the court if their fees have not been paid?

It depends on your retainer agreement. Usually attorneys wouldcontinue to provide you legal services and file paperwork withcourt and charge you interest on paid fees. If your

Do you have to pay your bankruptcy attorney fees after your chapter 7 has been discharged?

No, such fees would be discharged as well as the other debts- so you cannot be forced to pay. Due to this fact, when doing a chapter 7, a bk attorney will ALWAYS insist on bei