Can you download music from Spotify and burn to a CD?

Spotify is a music streaming service so you can listen to the music within the Spotify application but you are not downloading it. Within the Spotify application there is a Buy button next to individual tracks which provides a link to a music retailer from whom you can buy and download the track. If you have a Premium account with Spotify you can download some music to listen to within the Spotify app, available for a range mobile phones, while not connected to the streaming service.
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How can you burn music on a blank CD?

Use iTunes or Windows Media Player.Insert your blank CD into your disk drive and open your media player (e.g., Windows Media Player). When it appears with all your music and a (MORE)

Can you add Spotify downloads on to iTunes?

Spotify is a streaming service it does not provide downloads. In some countries there is a link with a song to enable the purchase of the song. Once purchased the song can be (MORE)
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How do you download songs from Spotify?

You dont really download the songs, if you want to listen to them everywhere just make them available offline and it downloads the songs so that you can listen everywhere
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Can Spotify download music onto an iPod?

Spotify is a streaming service it does not download mp3 files to an iPod. If you are using an iPod Touch, the Premium version of Spotify does allow users to "download" tracks (MORE)

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How do you burn downloaded songs onto CD?

  download itunes then go to limewire and press basic and download.put a blank CD in to your computer and on itunes click burn.    Answer   download itunes t (MORE)

How do you download from an email and burn to a CD?

  If your using Windows XP, you click the item to be downloaded, save it to the desktop, right click the icon on the desktop and press "Send to" and then press CD drive, c (MORE)

How do you download music from CD?

yes you can.....if you have windows media player, just put the CD with the music on it into the CD drive, wait for a minute or two.....then on windows media player, click on t (MORE)

Can you download music to a CD from YouTube?

no you can not download music to cds from you tube. but if you do have an iPod you can download it to your iPod by going to the top af the screen and pushing the button downlo (MORE)

Can you download movies on Spotify?

No, you cannot. Spotify is solely a streaming music service. If you  wish to download movies from a similar music player, you will be  able to do this on iTunes.
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