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Spotify is a music streaming service so you can listen to the music within the Spotify application but you are not downloading it. Within the Spotify application there is a Buy button next to individual tracks which provides a link to a music retailer from whom you can buy and download the track. If you have a Premium account with Spotify you can download some music to listen to within the Spotify app, available for a range mobile phones, while not connected to the streaming service.
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Can you burn music on a dvdr to play on CD player?

  No. Data on CDs and DVDs are laid out in rings. Think of the rings as the groove on an old phonograph record. The "grooves" on a DVD are much tighter than those of a CD.

Do you have to for spotify?

You have to pay to get spotify premium, otherwise you can get it for free at the link below.

What discs are best to burn music 40X or 52X CD?

It will depend on the drive you are using to burn the disc. A "faster" disc will only be as fast as the drive can burn the files and even then it will fluctuate so it really i

How do you add more music on a burned CD?

  You can't. One cannot "append" more information onto the unused portion after the burn process has been completed. If you are using a CD-RW disk, you can re-write the

Is it illegal to sell music CDs you download from the internet?

  Well, you can't download a real item such as a CD off the Internet, but if you are talking about a music CD file, then:   It depends on if that music you downloaded i

Is Spotify safe to download?

I just downloaded it on my MacBook, and had no problems at all come up. Seems to work flawlessly so far.

Can you download movies on Spotify?

No, you cannot. Spotify is solely a streaming music service. If you  wish to download movies from a similar music player, you will be  able to do this on iTunes.

How do you burn a music CD on your computer?

you put your CD into the disc drive.then on windows media player or whatever you have.it should say,burn CD.Click that.You need a readwriter disc drive (CD-ROM) and a software

Where you can legally burn music to CD absolutely free without registering to website?

Not Legal Burning music to a CD without paying for it is illegal. Even if there are sites where you can do it under the conditions you described, doing so is breaking the law

Is there a way to download songs from Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service and does not provide downloads apart from those that you buy by clicking the Buy button. The legal agreement you make with Spotify when yo

How do you burn a CD?

To burn a CD, 1. Insert a blank CD into your computer and wait for the CD dialogue box to pop up 2. Click open to view files to ensure that CD is empty and ready for new fi

How do you burn music off of the computer onto a CD?

Make a folder of the songs you want up to the size of the CD, about 650 megs?. Then use Disk Utility and use the make a "New Image" and it will make a Disk Image of the folder
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Can't get my iTunes to burn a music CD with all purchased songs?

  Probably this problem is caused by DRM --- Digital Rights Management which attempts to control use of digital media by preventing, access, copying or conversion by users

Can you download music to a CD from YouTube?

no you can not download music to cds from you tube. but if you do have an iPod you can download it to your iPod by going to the top af the screen and pushing the button downlo