Can you drink chai tea when pregnant?

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Can you drink catnip tea when pregnant?

I have been told that catnip can work as an abortificant. For a healthy pregnancy, try red raspberry and nettle tea instead (not the stinging nettles, though).

Can a pregnant woman drink tea?

Tea is a stimulant and contains caffeine, as does coffee and many sodas such as Coca Cola, Pepsi-Cola and my favorite, Mountain Dew. I am not aware of any dietary restriction

Can you drink tea while pregnant?

there seems to be some concern about the effects of caffeine in tea, however a few cups of tea per day should not pose any serious risk as the caffeine content of tea is low.

Can you drink white tea when you're pregnant?

While pregnant, you can drink up to two cups of white or green tea a day. In fact, white tea has even less caffeine than green so it is probably ok to drink up to 3 or 4 cups

Can a pregnant woman drink camomile tea?

Highly avoid it regardless of any advice you get from anywhere else, because if you don't drink camomile tea while pregnant you will be safe and you lose nothing by avoiding i