Can you drink the water from toliet plumb?

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Toliet will not fill No water coming into tank?

Most likely, the fill valve is in the corner of the tank and has a float that goes up and down on a shaft. There are several types of these, but they all come apart in the sam

Do you die if you drink domex-toliet cleaner?

There are many different specific products with the Domex label.Some of them contain Sodium Hypochlorite (household bleach), whichcan be lethal if ingested. Other products in

Lower water level in toliet bowl?

If you mean lowering the level the water is when it stops filling then the answer is that you can't. Some fill to a low point maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the bowl and others are at 1/
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Can dogs drink from the toliet?

It won't hurt a dog to drink out of the toilet they are just trying to get fresh water that is in the toilet when you flush it.
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Why does dogs drink out of the toliet?

Cause it tastes sooo good;) No just kidding! They probably don't think there is any difference between their own water and that of the toilet. So just whatever is more conveni