Can you enter the US if you marry an American citizen?

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This isn't as simple as it might seem. While you are married to an American citizen, you still might not be authorized for entry for a number of reasons. Your best course of actions, being that these are often a case by case situation, is to contact the American Embassy in your country and speak with the INS desk there.
Yes, you can. Once they are over here there spouse can help you get your papers.
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What happens if you enter the US on a student Visa and marry a US citizen while you are here?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf a person enters the US and marries a US citizen, that person immediately becomes a US legal permanent resident (LPR). In addition, they are allo

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If you marry an American are you an American citizen?

If you are a foreigner marrying a US citizen, then no you are not a US citizen. Marriage to a citizen does normally give you "permanent resident" status for the duration of