Can you enter the US if you marry an American citizen?

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This isn't as simple as it might seem. While you are married to an American citizen, you still might not be authorized for entry for a number of reasons. Your best course of actions, being that these are often a case by case situation, is to contact the American Embassy in your country and speak with the INS desk there.
Yes, you can. Once they are over here there spouse can help you get your papers.
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If you marry a US citizen in Dubai UAE can you get a US passport without entering the US?

Marrying a US citizen in Dubai is no different than marrying a US Citizen in any other city in the world as far as INS ( immigration and naturalization service } in usa is concerned,...and in rare cases where US citizen , is an official in US Consulate or embassy , or in Marine or similar services o (MORE)

How do you go about becoming a US citizen after marrying an American?

my boyfriend from mexcio and we want to get marry but he not us citizen i from usa Individuals who obtain a Green Card through marriage to a U.S. Citizen are granted "Conditional" Green Card status, which is only valid for two years. Individuals who have been granted Conditional Green Card Status (MORE)

Can a Russian marry an American citizen?

yes you can, a person is aloud and has the right to marrry whomever they want whether based on religion,age(if over 18),or even gender(depending on location) Of Course, a Russian can marry an American citizen!! All that you need to take note is that of the law of both the countries. If the marriag (MORE)

Can a female American citizen living abroad get married in Georgia to a non-US citizen who entered the US with her on a visitor's visa and they intend to leave and live in the husband's country?

Answer . Yes, you can get married. Only thing is make sure if you are planning on getting US Citizenship in the future, apply for residency BEFORE you leave. It will be much easier than applying from abroad.\n. \nAlso, if you plan on re-entering the US before approval of residency (6 months to (MORE)

What happens if you enter the US on a student Visa and marry a US citizen while you are here?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf a person enters the US and marries a US citizen, that person immediately becomes a US legal permanent resident (LPR). In addition, they are allowed to apply for citizenship two years before the typical allowed date (normally LPRs are allowed to apply five years less 90 (MORE)

How do you marry a Canadian if you are an American citizen?

You just get a marriage license and get married. Before doing so, however, you should learn how the marriage will influence your ability to apply for citizenship in the country where the non-citizen will live. Another Answer That would depend upon the laws and customs of the place in which you int (MORE)

How does an American citizen marry an Australian citizen?

You can start the process by first going to and read up on the section dealing with K1 Visa (fiance(e) visa). You will need to file an I-129F form, as well as send in a LOT of paperwork showing that both of you are willing to enter into the marriage, as well as both of you are able to (MORE)

How can someone who entered the US as a minor with a tourist visa and overstayed by 15 years with a SSN but no home country id marry a US citizen?

Just get married! . Just go get married. Your alien status has nothing to do with getting married. Normalizing your status after marriage is another matter though. You should still be able to change your illegal alien status to that of legal resident by way of marriage to a citizen, but the pr (MORE)

Can an American citizen living in Mexico marry a Mexican in the US?

Yes. I married my wife, a Mexican citizen, in the US while living with her family in Mexico. She had a B1-B2 visa so she could legally enter the US. We returned to Mexico to live. It took 4 hrs including crossing the border. For us to get PERMISSION to marry in Mexico would have taken months.

Can you become an American citizen if you marry an American citizen?

no you can not. You must take tests and live in America for about 3-5 years. It doesn't matter if you Mary an American citizen or not you have to do this. And i think you have to do some other things too. Answer Yes, but you must have 3 years of residency in the United States before filing for (MORE)

How does a Canadian citizen marry an American citizen?

The laws for obtaining a marriage license don't address citizenship. You just get married. However, you should first research immigration law to find out how the marriage might influence the non-citizen's ability to apply for citizenship in the country where you will reside. Another answer: google (MORE)

You are an Irish citizen in the US on a holiday and you just married your American citizen girlfriend can you stay in the US or will you be deported?

It IS LEGAL to enter the US on a tourist visa to get married, but NOT if you intend to adjust status. Your spouse CAN travel to the US with a pending I-130, but MAY be denied at POE if the immigration official suspects they intend to immigrate. Take lots of proof that you have a compelling reason (MORE)

If you marry an American are you an American citizen?

If you are a foreigner marrying a US citizen, then no you are not a US citizen. Marriage to a citizen does normally give you "permanent resident" status for the duration of the union, and qualifies you for certain paths to citizenship, but it's not automatically granted.

You are an american citizen you have married a girl from the Philippines does she have to have a visa to go to the US or can you apply after you get to US?

The "right" way to do it is apply for a spouse visa while she's still abroad. It takes at least 8-12 months and can be a frustrating process.. You can apply after she gets to the U.S., but it's risky. The question is how did she get over here - was it on a tourist visa, or perhaps a student visa? I (MORE)

If the illegal immigrant entered the country illegally can he get green card if he married to US citizen?

I believe so, but Id hope whoever uses this technique gets blacklisted and hunted down right away No. An illegal immigrant is just that, regardless of whether they marry a US citizen or not. Marrying a US citizen grants a foreign national the right to a green card, as long as they are either not in (MORE)

Not a us citizen can enter Mexico?

Yes but you need a valid passport, and if you are not from either the US, Canada or European Union, you have to look for a visa issued by the Mexican government.

Your us visa had been revoked n you entered us illegally are you eligible to marry us citizen n change your status?

1) it was revoked, you should've returned to your country to avoid getting in trouble with the United States government--which can happen now that you're illegal. 2) it is wrong to marry someone for the sole reason of citizenship. And, many places won't wed an illegal to a legal citizen anyway. 3 (MORE)

If a person entered illegally and then later married a us citizen what is the process in which the citizen would gain residency for the illegal spouse or could they for that matter?

the immigrant can apply for citizenship, but will have to have to go back to there country and apply for re-entry, this takes many, many years in which the immigrant will be away from their family that needs them, I am in this situation with my husband who is from mexico, I am leaving next week to b (MORE)

Can a former US citizen enter the US?

Apparently you can just go to a us embassy like the us embassy in Athens but I do suggest about getting a immigration lawyer so I do recommend and you would have to have a Foriegn citizenship(passport)and also get your certificate of loss of renounce and fill out I-94 along with birth certificate. M (MORE)

How can a US citizen enter Australia?

The United States and Australia are both a party to the Visa Waiver Program whereby countries reciprocally agree to allow their nationals to travel to the other country without need for an actual 'visa' per se for visitation purposes. As such, a US citizen can travel to Australia with only a val (MORE)

Does an illegal alien from Venezula become a us citizen after marrying an American?

Nobody, not even a Venezuelan can become a US Citizen just by marrying a US Citizen. But it is by far the easiest ways of getting the citizenship. A person marrying a US citizen will be first granted with the conditional permanent resident status. After being so for 3 years, they can file in their c (MORE)

Can you become a citizen if you marry a us citizen?

It doesn't bar you from becoming a US citizen, but it doesn't automatically make you one either. You still have to go through a citizenship process, though the one for spouses of citizens is a little more streamlined.