Can you enter the us if you have a green card but your last name is different than in your passport because you got married?

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If you marry a US citizen in Dubai UAE can you get a US passport without entering the US?

Marrying a US citizen in Dubai is no different than marrying a US Citizen in any other city in the world as far as INS ( immigration and naturalization service } in usa is concerned,...and in rare cases where US citizen , is an official in US Consulate or embassy , or in Marine or similar services o (MORE)

If you got a green card already through marriage how long must you stay married after that?

Answer . If you got got your green card by not being married to a US citizen it is 4 years and 9 months to apply for Citizenship, but if you obtained your green card through marriage you would have to be married at least three years to file for citizenship and submit your marriage certificate alo (MORE)

Can green card holders get a divorce in California if you got married in India and became permanent residents last year?

Answer . \nYes,the green card holders can get a divorce even if they are married in India.\nThe only requirement is you should be resident of the same county for the last 6 months. You do not even have to be a green card holder for this purpose.\nHowever this divorce may not be a accepted by the (MORE)

I overstayed my us visa by 4 years then i got married to a us citizen i left the us and im trying to get my green card abroad will i be banned or will i be ok?

The law says that you will be barred for a maximum of 10 years. There is a waiver that you could file for and depending on the mood of the immigrations officer they will approve or deny. The waivers are expensive. If you left willingly after the four years and were not deported? You may be able to e (MORE)

Do green card holders need a passport to enter the U.S.?

Answer . Prior to January 2008, you don't need a passport to enter US. However, you are required to have a passport in order to enter US after January 2008, but it does not have to be US passport. In case you don't have a passport from your home country, you can apply for re-entry permit.

Do you need to change your international Russian passport to go to Russia if it has your maiden name but your green card has your current last name that is of your husband?

Name change in your zagran.passport I had the same situation a year ago - zagranpassport with maiden name and green card with American name. When I was leaving from MOscow to America ,at Sheremet'jevo, they just made sure I had a valid green card to enter America and did not care about the name dif (MORE)

Do puerto ricans need green cards to enter the us?

puerto ricans do not have to have a green card to enter or work all they need is a passport and they will be fine. puerto ricans do not have to have a green card to enter or work all they need is a passport and they will be fine

Can an American green-card holder with a Brazilian passport enter Canada without a visa?

Hi! Yes Sir, you can. I am Brazilian as well and I had the opportunity to visit Toronto last year. The interesting fact is that I boarded a flight from Brazil with a stop in New York with connection to Toronto. In Brazil the People at United Air Lines did not want to allow me to proceed to Canada st (MORE)

Can you go to Russia with American passport because your international Russian pasport has expired but you are not a US citizen you are a citizen of Russia and have a green card?

Your question does not make sense. You need to be a US citizen to have an American passport. If you have a green card and an expired Russian passport, contact a Russian embassy in the US and they should be able to issue you a travel letter or stamp your passport so you may travel back to Russia. But (MORE)

Can i enter the us without my green card?

No as a green card holder already its mandatory to always have your green card handy.In case you have lost it you can get a replacement using the Form I-90. In case the green card was stolen you need to attach a police report along while filing the form for replacement of green card.

Is there any problem getting green card if you marry US citizen who is divorced with 8 years kid and 13 years elder than you?

Marrying a US citizen just to get a Green Card is illegal, no matter how old said US citizen is, and no matter whether the reason that he/she is eligible to marry is because he/she is single or divorced, and no matter whether he/she has children.. That said, assuming the Green Card applicant is (MORE)

If you have a rsident of the US with a lien green card since 1969 and got married to a American citizen and been married to him for 10 years does that make you a citizen of the US?

No. Only children of American Citizens and children born in the US automatically get a US citizenship. Everyone else has to fill out form N-400, pass the test and take the oath. The US Citizenship & Immigration Office has a very nice manual, M-476 in pdf that gives the eligibility requirements. Soun (MORE)

Can I go to Russia with my green card I am a resident of Florida I don't have a US passport?

If you have a valid passport from another country then yes, you may travel to Russia. Please note: For almost all countries, Russia requires a valid passport and visa to cross their border. Apply for the visa in advance. Russia really doesn't care about your US green card. The USA recently (2008) c (MORE)

If the illegal immigrant entered the country illegally can he get green card if he married to US citizen?

I believe so, but Id hope whoever uses this technique gets blacklisted and hunted down right away No. An illegal immigrant is just that, regardless of whether they marry a US citizen or not. Marrying a US citizen grants a foreign national the right to a green card, as long as they are either not in (MORE)

Which countries can you enter with a us green card?

Any country than an American citizen can go to, but only from the US(show the Green Card and passport in destination country) and back to the US or your home country. Just don't forget your passport and a Green Card anywhere!

Your green card has different name that your passport can you travel outside the us?

This is from the website.... "Foreign nationals that are lawful permanent residents of the U.S. must present a Permanent Resident Card (" Green Card ", INS Form I-551), a Reentry Permit (if gone for more than 1 year), or a Returning Resident Visa (if gone for 2 years or more) to reent (MORE)

If you have a green card can you marry a US citizen?

Anyone can marry a US citizen, green card or not. The marriage does not automatically give any special privileges to the newly married person. The US citizen can petition for you to be permitted to apply for residency, etc. It is not necessary to be a green card holder to marry a US Citizen. It is (MORE)

As a green card holder do you need a passport to travel to US Virgin Islands?

If you are in the United States and flying directing from the continental US to either St. Thomas or St. Croix, or connecting to a flight through Puerto Rico, you will not need a passport. If your travel plans include flying out of the United States and / or its territories to reach the US Virgin Is (MORE)

Can an alien who marries a US green card holder apply for a US green card?

Lawful Permanent Residents who got married before obtaining a Green Card are not required to file an Immigrant Petition on behalf of their spouse (or any children born before becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident). A spouse and eligible children of a Lawful Permanent Resident in this category may (MORE)

If you are have a green card and are married to an American can you enter panama?

In most cases, a country's immigration laws only care about your country of citizenship. Having a green card gives you legal permanent residency in the United States, but does not grant you any special status to enter other countries. You will have to determine what Panama's laws are regarding your (MORE)

Can you get your passport if you have a green card?

You may be able to obtain a passport from your country of citizenship, but not from the country that has issued you a green card: passports identify and verify citizenship. Visit your country's consulate if you're not living in your country of citizenship, or the passport office in your country of (MORE)

Can you get the green card without entering US?

Yes, if you're an immediate relative of a US citizen and stay outside US through consular processing you can become a permanent resident.When USCIS works with the Department of State to issue a visa on an approved Form I-130 petition when a visa is available its referred to as Consular processing. Y (MORE)

Can you adjust your status after entering the US with a visa waiver program and married to a green card holder and havind a usc child?

Lawful Permanent Residents who got married before obtaining a Green Card are not required to file an Immigrant Petition on behalf of their spouse (or any children born before becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident). A spouse and eligible children of a Lawful Permanent Resident in this category may app (MORE)

Can you enter US with a green card after five years?

As a green card holder traveling abroad to return to US you would require a reentry permit if the stay outside US was for more than a year. The permit should have been approved before leaving US, typically.After 5 years if you intend to return and do not have a reentry permit you should contact the (MORE)

When can i apply for US passport if I have the green card and I travel a lot outside the U.S?

You can apply for US passport only after you become a US citizen. After applying for US citizenship, on the day you take the oath you would have to hand over the green card and receive the naturalization certificate. Once you are a US citizen you can apply for US passport by filing Form DS-11. As a (MORE)