Can you enter the us if you have a green card but your last name is different than in your passport because you got married?

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Do you need to change your international Russian passport to go to Russia if it has your maiden name but your green card has your current last name that is of your husband?

Name change in your zagran.passport I had the same situation a year ago - zagranpassport with maiden name and green card with American name. When I was leaving from MOscow to

Can you go to Russia with American passport because your international Russian pasport has expired but you are not a US citizen you are a citizen of Russia and have a green card?

Your question does not make sense. You need to be a US citizen to have an American passport. If you have a green card and an expired Russian passport, contact a Russian embass

Can i enter the us without my green card?

No as a green card holder already its mandatory to always have your green card handy.In case you have lost it you can get a replacement using the Form I-90. In case the green

If the illegal immigrant entered the country illegally can he get green card if he married to US citizen?

I believe so, but Id hope whoever uses this technique gets blacklisted and hunted down right away No. An illegal immigrant is just that, regardless of whether they marry a US

Which countries can you enter with a us green card?

Any country than an American citizen can go to, but only from the US(show the Green Card and passport in destination country) and back to the US or your home country. Just don

Your green card has different name that your passport can you travel outside the us?

This is from the website.... "Foreign nationals that are lawful permanent residents of the U.S. must present a Permanent Resident Card (" Green Card ", INS Form I

If some one passport was stolen with their 1-94 which state how the enter the US and is now applying for their green card will they get the green card even if they cannot prove how they cane into the?

It'll be on record in the system somewhere. How efficient they are at retrieving their records is a different matter altogether, but still, it's on record somewhere. If your