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Can you file as a single if you were married the previous year?

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Filing Single That all depends on whether you are married for the reporting year or not. If you are still married on 12-31 of that year you must either file jointly or seperately. But if you were divorced (not married) then you can file as single. If you support others in your home you may be able to file as head of household.
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Can you file bankruptcy single if you are married?

I think so, as long as all the creditors you include in the bankruptcy are just in your name only. However, you may want to contact an attorney to be sure though.

Can a married person file bankruptcy as a single?

Each individual can file bankruptcy. Wife, husband, or joint. (Like taxes) Any joint debt becomes the responsibility of the non-filing partner. If a husband files, all join

If you filed as married joint can you file as married single?

You can do it either way and change the method every year, no problem. Your free election. Of course, there is no such thing as "married single.". Married and single are m

Does the law require you to file married if you want to file single?

You need to file based on your status as of December 31 of the tax year. If you are married you must file married, but you can file either jointly or separately.

Can you still file tax return for previous years?

Yes. You can file a return for any year you have missed. No limit. However there is a limit on how far back you will get a refund. If you didn't file for 2005, tomorro

What will happen if you file taxes as married if you are single?

Called tax fraud. And of course the return is signed and sworn to as true. Bad things happen when you break the law. Doing so where your directly offending the Govt would seem

Can you file single on your taxes if your married?

No, but you can be married and file separate.

What is the difference in filing married single or married jointly?

Usually it is more beneficial to file as married filing joint than it is to file as married filing separate. To answer your question you will have to prepare a return both way

What form do i use if i am filing married filing single?

There is only one instane that you should file married filing separately, it is by far the worst way to file, if you are married use the standard deduction if you do not itemi