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Can you get AIDS by switching saliva and if yes why?

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AIDS is past thru the bloodstrem. Theoretically AIDS could be past on if two people had open sores when 'switching saliva'. or if blood is involved in some way.
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You kissed a stranger in a clubcan you get AIDS from saliva?

It is possible to transmit HIV by doing that. Any type of bodily fluids interaction can lead to it. However, you don't always catch it. Yet, if they have it and you do transfe

Can AIDS be transmitted through saliva?

"HIV the virus that causes AIDS is in all bodily fluids, this includes semen, vaginal and anal secretions, feces, urine, tears, saliva,blood. It is most concentrated in Blood.

Can saliva transmit aids?

Pure (say without blood) saliva will not transmit HIV.

Can saliva causes HIV aids?

Yes, but it would take an ENORMOUS amount of saliva to transmit the virus. Like a few hundred gallons.

Can you get aides from saliva?

\nYES!\nBut the chances are diminutive compared with vaginal sex or\ngay sex. However, with mouth sores the chances for picking up the virus increases.

Can you catch AIDS from saliva?

Saliva is usually not a high risk bodily fluid for transmission of HIV, however, if a person has gum disease and there is bleeding in the mouth, then the saliva can be contami

Can a person get aids from saliva?

No. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a diagnosis and is not contagious. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes someone to develop AIDS. HIV

Can you get aids from saliva or tears?

There is not enough concentration of the HIV virus to get infected from saliva or tears.

Can AIDS enter the body from saliva to anus?

No; saliva does not have enough of the virus to transmit the infection. However, if blood is in the saliva, the virus can be transmitted.

What is the first aid when choking on one's saliva?

Most healthy people can swallow their own saliva, so not being able to do so is indicative of a serious neurological insult, that should be taken into consideration. That sai
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Does saliva aid in digestion?

Yes, it contains an enzyme called "Amylase" which breaks downstarch into sugars (in Humans).