Can you get Arceus in Pokemon Explorers of Sky?

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Unfortunately, even when Arceus was revealed before the production of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky, it is not a Pokemon which can be met or obtained in the game. There are no optional missions to encounter it or special events which make it available. There is only a vague reference to Arceus in the game, where Dialga refers to a Pokemon on "a higher tier" than itself. { this is answered by someone totally diff and sry to ruin ur day but u can get arceus i will tell u how let me get my beckett mag >.> sry could not find it but i am not jking this is a whay to get arceus someone gives u a special quest but its ur choice belive me or not}
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Can you battle Arceus in explorers of the sky?

yes you must go to sky red plains and then go to the bulletun board and there will be a job and then get to the end of the dungeon and you will battle arceus! these are all lies sky red plains is fake Yeah I mean what the hell? Why are you all asking for Arceus? There are tons of better Pokemo (MORE)

Is it possible to get Arceus on Mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

Sadly, no. In the final unlockable dungeon : Destiny Tower, 99 floors up you will reach the top and a cutscene will occur where your charactor encounters a statue of Arceus. Your character will say a few words, and then you will obtain the Space Globe, which DOUBLES the power of all moves when in th (MORE)

How can you recruit Arceus in explorers of sky?

It's quite simple really. AFTER you beat the game by killing primal dialga, and you recruit palkia and giratina( special missions), go to shaymin village(its around treasure town somewhere, but im not tellin ya!) go to the shaymin resturaunt and outside shaymin will be standing in front of a big (MORE)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of the sky how to recruit Arceus?

u ARE ABLE TO GET ARCEUS in sky version, do not say u can't becaseu i get POKEMON BECKETT MAGAZINES and they are always right that's how i beat silver{soul} in one day {5hrs} and u have to get a certain request from someone in the game and on flr 100 is arceus and he will ask to join ur team if i sp (MORE)

How do get Arceus to join your team in Pokemon explorers of sky?

You can't recruit Arceus, but you can find an Arceus statue on the 100th floor of Destiny Tower along with the item Space Globe, which doubles your attack. You can unlock Destiny Tower at Spinda's Juice Bar randomly by drinking beverages after you graduate from the Guild.

Wherever do you get arceus in Pokemon explorers of sky?

destiny tower has a statue of one and it gives you a space globe. i have asked the same question but i spent 9 days looking for an answer online. just give up the game producers didn't put one in this game. i think i will give up on Pokemon now. this bites.

Is Arceus in explorers of sky?

In Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, You Cannot recruit Arceus, Sadly, but there is a Statue of Arceus at the last floor of the New 99 Floor Dungeon Destiny Tower, an extreamly harsh Dungeon where No Pokemon can be recruited, No items can be taken into the Dungeon (They will be lost when yo (MORE)

Arceus is in explorers of sky?

You need to somehow get to the top of Destiny Tower, which is an exclusive dungeon that is very hard to get to. I have a hunch though, that you can get access to Destiny Tower after you get to the Master 4 Star Rank. You enter the dungeon at level one, and you need to get to the top, and supposedly (MORE)

How do you finish Pokemon Explorers of Sky?

The chapter game ends after you beat Dialga. The post-game adventure ends when you beat Darkrai and his minions. The game never ends because there are always missions to do.

How do you get Arceus on Pokemon sky?

hi, in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky you cannot get arceus thru regular gameplay. However, make as many drinks at spinda cafe as you can becauseyou could unlock destiny tower. Destiny tower has 99 floors and only they leader can go in and i think you will be temporarily level one when you (MORE)

In Pokemon explorers of sky how do you get kyogre?

You must first get the special mission from the Exploration Federation that allows you to go to Bottomless Sea. You must then go down 49 floors, and Kyogre is on the 50th. Battle it, and there is a chance you'll recruit it. If you don't, just go back again, and bring the aqua-monica you got, because (MORE)

On Pokemon explorers of sky how do you get mew?

first u have 2 get the secret rank then u just keep going 2 the spinda cafe and this Pokemon will tell some strange Pokemon gave them a letter. The letter will say you can explore the mysterious jungle where one of the worlds seven secrets sleep .the grass cornet. If you want mew to join your team (MORE)

Where do you get raikou in Pokemon explorers of sky?

southeastern archipelego on the 25th floor, you get a challenge letter from him, but first you must at least get to a ***master rank to unlock the southeastern archipelego and you get the random challenge at spindas bar.

How do you be Roli in Pokemon explorers of sky?

you mean riolu right? well if your a girl its impossible to get a female riolu so be a male even if your a female like me but hes weak... sorry and you have to be a lonly or sassy type boy (even if your female) well that's all i can give you so yep bye! -ekatrina novakov

How do you get raikou in Pokemon explorers of sky?

First, you must reach Master triple star rank. Once you reach that rank, the dungeon Southeastern Islands will become unlocked. After that, wait until you receive a challenge letter from raikou at Spinda's Cafe. Accept the challenge and defeat raikou at whatever floor he challenged you on. Once you (MORE)

When in the game can you get Arceus in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

Unfortunately, you cannot recruit Arceus in PMD Sky. However, if you manage to finish the dungeon Destiny Tower, you'll find a statue of Arceus, and receive a Space Globe, which doubles the power of all moves used by the Pokemon who holds it. Destiny Tower is an EXTREMELY tough dungeon though. It is (MORE)

Best pokemon in explorers of sky?

Starter or legendaries usually have the best stats and more often then not good learnable moves . Personally I believe the best pokemon to use is palkia because 1 he is able to learn 3 all room attacks that hit hard and have solid accuracy2 his stats are nice, especially sp attack since that allows (MORE)

How do you get to Dialga in Pokemon explorers of sky?

First, you defeat Dialga so you can prevent the planet's paralysis. Second, whenever you have free time, go back to Temporal tower and Dialga will say something like "I know why you came here: so you can challenge ME!" then you defeat it again and it will join your team. I hope this helped a littl (MORE)

How do you graduate in Pokemon explorers of the sky?

After beating Dialga, the guild will unlock a new dungeon for you (14 floors) at the end, beat THE GRAND MASTER OF ALL THINGS BAD (A.K.A. the guild). Wigglytuff is at Level 50, no worries though. A few fighting or ground type moves should finish him off. Chatot is at Level 45, Loudred and the others (MORE)

Can you be mew in Pokemon explorers of sky?

Yes, yes you can. Just beat Dialga, and keep going to Spinda's Cafe untill a Pokemon appears with a job for a place called Mystery Jungle or something like that. Then, go to the end of the dungeon. Mew will come and battle you, and he will give you the Grass Cornet. If you are lucky like me, Mew wil (MORE)