Can you get HDTV over the air broadcast on a HDTV with standard basic cable?

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Yes to both. Both require that you have a High Definition Television with its own built-in HD tuner, or an HD capable TV (like an LCD monitor) with an external HD tuner attached. (Don't confuse this with the February 2009 Digital transition. That transition is not related to High Definition.) Second you either need an HD antenna or a basic/standard cable hook-up (no cable equipment required) that broadcasts an unscrambled HD signal (TimeWarner Cable does this, I can't speak definitively for other cable companies). Once your choice is set up, send your HD tv/tuner through a digital/ or hd search, not analogue (it can take a while so be patient) and the tuner will find channels like 70.4 and 80.2, etc. Empirically the picture on these channels will look substantially better compared to your other analogue or digital channels, however, they will not be shown at "full capacity", i.e. in the 1080 realm. In the case of TimeWarner Cable if you subscribe to their Digital service you get free uncompressed, 1080i HD service. No other Cable nor Satellite service provides Free High Definition. By leasing TimeWarner's HD equipment instead of the Digital equipment (same price) all you need is an HD capable TV (monitor), TimeWarner provides the Tuner and the remote as well as a plethora of cutting edge technology to enhance the whole experience. If you would like more information about HD or other industry leading technologies and services, call your Local TimeWarner Cable office to request an in-home visit from a Direct Sales Representative who will provide you with the most thorough answers to your questions and as well the absolute best possible rates and discounts - apples to apples - in the market. jk,082812
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What is HDTV cable TV?

Answer \nHDTV refers to High Definition Television – the new entrant and future of cable television. According to the promoters of HDTV and people who have had a chance to witness it, HDTV is definitely the talk of the television industry. While watching sports on HDTV you can not only see the action in all its glory, but can actually see every blade of grass on the sports field. Once you see HDTV, you will not wish to see regular cable television again.\n\nHDTV is a kind of a digital television broadcasting system. Digital signal refers to the ones and zeros that a computer reads, and gives much better sound and picture quality than normal cable television.\n\nRegular cable television uses cables to send signals to your television, which usually displays the signals in 525 tiny lines across the television screen. With HDTV Cable TV, the signals are digital and can thus give displays in 720 or 1080 lines, which translates into a much superior picture quality. The ‘aspect ratio’ in HDTV is 16:9 and is more than the regular 4:3 ratio. This gives better resolution in HDTV than in regular cable television and sometimes as much as ten times more.\n\nHDTV compresses digital data which allows up to 6 times more information to be sent in the same range of radio waves as of one analog cable channel. So any broadcaster can send multiple data waves through the limited airwaves they are allowed to use. This is known as multicasting and is not available with regular cable television.\n\nHDTV can be obtained by getting a digital converter for the analog television. Although this will not give you the full experience of HDTV Cable TV, it will still be much better than the normal cable transmission. Newer television sets will be made with integrated receivers to avail of HDTV, but a separate set top box will be needed to get the programs.\n\nHDTV Cable TV uses a superior technology and is thus better than digital cable television. The cable television industry is now promoting HDTV Cable TV as more services also translate into better profits. It is estimated that by the end of 2006, almost all cable television subscribers will be using HDTV Cable TV.

What is HDTV?

Answer . HDTV stands for High Definition Television.\n. \nHDTV is a digital television broadcasting standard. Since it is digital, the signals are composed of ones and zeroes -- the language of computers -- instead of waves.\n. \nHDTV digital signals can contain more information that the old systems. The data can be compressed to allow up to six times more information in the same range of radio waves. Therefore, a broadcaster can send multiple data streams through the limited airwaves they are allowed to use. This is known as multicasting. \n. \nThe old TV standard was for 625 lines (not 525 lines across), with the television screen having a 4:3 "aspect ratio" (that is, the dimensions of the TV screen would be IN A RATIO of 4 to 3). Aspect ratio has very little to do with the broadcast standard - widescreen TV's are not necessarily HDTV (Mine's standard 625 PAL). HDTV can give display of 720 or 1080 lines, and the aspect ratio is 16:9.\n. \nYou can access HDTV with a digital converter on an old television. But this will not give you its full benefits. Newer models of TVs are being built with integrated receivers for HDTV.

Can you get HDTV over the air broadcast on a HDTV monitor with a standard TV antenna or do you need a converter?

Answer . Yes, you can use the old antenna. However, some new antennas are specially designed to better capture digital TV signals. And the direction, angle, distance, and type of digital signals in your area could influence your choice of antenna.. HDTV is a picture format, not a signal format. Most likely a TV with an HDTV picture format already has a digital tuner (ATSC) rather than only an analog tuner (NTSC). However, if it is just a monitor, then you may have to attach a tuner to it, or attach a tuner to your computer, and the computer to the monitor. Actually, there is no such thing as an "HDTV" tuner. There are analog and digital tuners. All HDTV is digital, but not all digital is going to be HDTV. In Feb 2009 the U.S. Government has mandated that all broadcasters will cease transmitting in analog format and begin transmitting their signals over the air in digital format only. This signal requires an ATSC type tuner (digital) to demodulate the digital signal and display it on your television screen. All TVs manufactured for use in the U.S. from 1 Jan 2006 must have an ATSC tuner. Older TVs with the older style NTSC tuner (analog) will require a converter box to demodulate the digital signals. More information about the upcoming changes to TV transmissions can be found here: .

How does standard definition look on an HDTV?

Standard definition signals will always remain standard definition. However, when used on HD televisions, the extra resolution of the television means that the signal will be displayed at its best. Compared to older analog televisions, you are likely to see an improvement in clarity, detail and color. Don't expect SD signals to become HD.

How do you hook up HDTV cable box?

Answer . If your cable box has a HDMI cable port, buy an HDMI cable to connect the TV to the cable box. The next best alternative is to use a S-Video cable with a pair of Audio cables. The third best alternative is to use a RF Coaxial cable. The last option is to use a composite Video and L/R Audio cables. You should note that while the TV may be HD capable, the cable box may not support HD so you will have to upgrade your cable box to a HD compatible cable box.

Can you use a RCA cable for HDTV technology?

The answer is YES , you can substitute Composite Video Cables with RCA cables for use in HDTV Technology. - I tried it, using 3 sets of audio RCA cables (red and white) One for the Audio connections (red and white) and the other two for composite video connections. (red, blue, and green) - The following address shows the process and results, using a HD digital tuner with 1080i output on a HD ready TV.¤t=RCA.jpg. Most modern televisions will offer you a series of connectivity options: 1) 75ohm standard antenna input 2) composite video - RCA jacks (yellow, red, white) 3) component video - RCA jacks (red, green, blue) 4) S-video - DIN connector 5) DVI 6) HDMI The best connection is HDMI. The worst is 75 ohm coaxial cable. Numbers 1 and 2 on this list are not capable of passing HDTV at all. For further assistance see the Consumer Electronics of Association Connection Guide:

Are you aware of a filter that will allow HDTV channels to come in on your HDTV that is only hooked up to basic cable For example ch 4 is anolog 4.1 is HDTV. 4.1 comes in briefly then distorts.?

I do not know about a filter, yet. Of course a good place to start would be to ask your cable company.. Also make sure your TV is in the right mode. Some have settings for analog or digital TV, and for picking it up from an antenna or cable. A typical digital TV tuner also has special menus that display on the TV showing all the channels, all the programs, and information about them. If you are not getting this, then something may be wrong with the settings or capabilities of the TV.. For the channel to come in at all means your television is capable of picking it up and that the signal is available on the cable. Distortion is very common with digital TV signals even over the air.

What is air cable plug in on back of HDTV?

Answer . air cable is a f connecter and is set for standard off air channels 2 -6 7-13 and UHF channels . cable tv uses almost the same 2-6 A-I 7-13 23- what ever is the highest your cable or TV will receive.

To contect a HDTV to a cable box?

If both have HDMI connectors use them. If not use the component connectors. These would be colored Red, Blue and green.

Will standard 480i cable programs look OK on HDTV?

Yes. They will not look "bad" by any means, but it won't look fantastc either. It mostly depends on your service provider. Time warner is the worst picture quality out there. then comes comcast. Then the top of the line stuff, for cable anyway, is Verizon Fios.

Can you watch standard definition on an HDTV?

Answer . Yes you can. All HDTVs have devices called scalers built in to them, so whatever format of signal they receive, the scaler will convert the signal to the TV's native resolution, normally 1920 x 1080 pixels. Therefore, a standard definition signal with 480 lines (NTSC) or 576 lines (PAL) will be expanded to 1920 x 1080.. The resolution of HD televisions varies, but in all cases, the incoming signal gets converted to the resolution of the television. Most large LCD or plasma screens are 1080 these days but there are still many which are 768 lines, based on computer resolutions. In this case, even 1080 signals need to be converted to fit on the screen. The same scaler does the job, but by reducing the size of the image rather than increasing it.. It is worth mentioning that an SD signal will not become HD quality when it is viewed on an HD display. Some scalers do a great job of resizing the image and others don't. It's always worth checking out the image quality before making a purchase.

How do you hook a digital cable box to a HDTV?

Optimal connection is HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). This supports all modes from the cable box to the TV.

How can you use HDTV with out cable TV?

There are two answers to this, depending on what the poster actually means with the question, so the question is reworded and answered twice below:. 1 - Can an HDTV work without HD cable?. HD televisions can display both HD and SD signals. Putting an HD television into a system as a replacement to an SD television will still allow all the sources to operate as they have done in the past, even though no HD signals aver reach the television. As and when an HD source is available, the television will display that in HD resolution.. 2 - Are HDTV programmes available without using an HD cable receiver?. HDTV as a signal format can be sourced from HD cable receivers. However, if there is no HD cable receiver, or not cable service at all, satellite is another platform that can be used for HD reception. Alternatively, HD signals can be generated using high definition DVD. HD DVD and BluRay are the two formats available and both will deliver HD signals from an HD disc.

Can you get HDTV over the web?

\nCheck out i put the link below its a free service. I don't know of any free HD over the internet. You can get HD now from Apple but you have to pay for it. Installation of the service is a whole new game check out the company below if you need installation service.

What is the maximum cable length between PC and HDTV?

It depends on the interface used.. VGA - up to about 15 feet with almost any VGA cable. 100 feet or more is possible if high quality co-ax cable is used but the limit depends on the resolution used.. DVI - up to 50 feet or so. Longer runs need larger and more expensive cables but as cables are supplied complete, any cable can be expected to work at the length supplied.. HDMI - although the same signal as DVI, HDMI cables are supplied in longer lengths than DVI. 75 - 80 feet is possible but the cables are expensive at longer lengths. DVI-HDMI adaptors are available if the PD only has DVI outputs.

What are the advatages and disadvantages of Cable or satellite for HDTV?

Satellite Pros & Cons: . 1. Typacally has more HD stations.. 2. Signal may get interupted or broken if anything obstructs it's view to the southern sky.. 3. Takes a long time to switch from station to station, with long delay.. Cable Pros & Cons: . 1.Has less HD channels. 2. Signal rarely gets interupted or broken. 3. Instantly switches from station to station, with no delay.

Can you get good picture reception on HDTV with regular cable?

Ask your cable company for a HD box, you will never see a HD picture without it.

Can you play PS3 on a HDTV without a HDMI cable?

Yes. You can. You can also use optional PS3 component cables for the same results if the HDTV does not have HDMI and can have 480i picture resolution with the A/V cable that came with the PS3 But it looks awful. Probably worse than it would on a traditional CRT tube television. Not true this is about the brand and quality of the HDTV and not the PS3 although it is true HDMI cables make a world of difference.

What is a compisit cable for a HDTV?

A composite cable is one that has three video (Red, Green, Blue) cables and 2 audio (Red, White) cables.

What cables do you need to set up new HDTV?

HDMI leads are the cable for HD format. Do not buy from stores. Buy online or you'll expect to pay around £60 for a 2 metre cable.

How can you get HDTV over the air broadcast on a HDTV monitor with a standard TV antenna?

You would need a box with a digital tuner built into it. Samsung used to make one that was sold at Best Buy a few years ago that retailed for $180. They no longer make it since all TV's now have that digital tuner built in. If you can get your hands on one of those tuners you will need an HDMI cable and possibly a stronger antenna. Other than that there isn't a way to do it.

What does hdtv do?

HDTV represents the regular picture and television channels thatsomeone is used to seeing, but they are in high definition. Thismeans that there will be a clearer picture.

Why do satellite cable TV charge extra for HDTV?

HDTV has demanded a great deal of investment by content producers and broadcasters. Studios, transmission suites, archiving, cable and satellite services have all seen increased costs for new equipment. Broadcasting HD uses about 5 times the data rate of a similar SD channel so bandwidth allocation that will carry 5 SD channels supports just one HD channel. Apart from the equipment, other less obvious details have changed. HD demands more attention to lighting, costumes and sets with some significant cost increases. During the transition from SD to HD, charging a premium to receive HD channels is one of the ways to recoup the investments in infra-structure and production costs. As more viewers move to HD, market forces are likely to reduce the premium. In the coming years, we are also likely to see the end of some SD channels with the content offered only as HD. As we reach that point, the HD premiums are very likely to reduce to a minimal amount. And let's not forget, because they can. As with any other commercial organization, broadcasters are keen to increase profits. If people are willing to pay extra for improved quality, HD pricing will remain higher than SD.

If you dont have cable would it be best to get a 1080p HDTV?

Yes. and it would be best to get HDTV even if you do have cable.

Does HDTV or hd cable cause tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a nerve condition in the auditory portion of either the ear canal or auditory portion of the brain. It's a medical condition. I know, I've got a case of it that hasn't let up for almost 10 years and it sometimes gets LOUD.

What do you do if your HDTV is so old it does not have HDMI cable input?

As HDTV made its entrance to the market, HDMI was not available. Because of this, there are a handful of HD televisions that have only analog HD inputs or perhaps RGB inputs. HDMI was introduced by the television industry as a small and convenient connector for video, audio and control lines between a source and display. The interface is fully digital and happens to support an encryption system that prevents the signal being accessed for unauthorized recording and distribution. Unlike all other video interfaces, HDMI connectors are used under a commercial licence that restricts the use of them. One of the effective prohibitions is to use the connector in a device that decodes encrypted material to any un-encrypted signal such as analog HD links. For the unfortunate few that have HD televisions without HDMI ports, it is unlikely that there will be a method of watching commercial HD content. It is certainly worth contacting the manufacturer to see if they are able to offer upgrades that may solve the problem. OR if the TV has 'component' inputs, use them and the picture will look great, if that doesn't work, use the S-connector. You will still have use audio cables.

What are the correct cables for HDTV cable TV?

No one answer to this one....match what your cable box has with what your TV has. HDMI is the name of the newest standard, DVI was its predecessor. If you have a mismatch adapters may be obtained on your own, unlikely the cable company will provide assistance to that level. You can get by with using the component in/out connections, these are the red, green and blue plugs/ports you see on the box and your TV. It will work, just not as good of a picture quality to the discerning eye.

Does Svideo cable work with HDTV?

\nS-video is a two wire interface that supports standard definition video only. Although HD equipment may have an S-video connector as an input or an output, the connection will only handle SD. Often, HD receivers or Bluray players will have a composite or S-video output to allow a standard definition output to be used on older equipment.\n. \nDomestic HD is almost always connected via HDMI and is the only common standard for HD in the home. No other interface is normally available for the simple reason that HDMI can be protected to prevent high definition copies of material being made. If a copy of a program is to be made, about the only method is to use one of the standard definition outputs such as S-video.

Can 52 inch stainless steel whip antenna be used for HDTV over the air?

A whip antenna can certainly be used to capture TV channels on aHDTV. Since the set itself is digital, it will not require aconverter box.

What is the advantage of full HDTV over HDTV?

One might say that HDTV is 720P and 1080i , and then Full HDTV is 1080P. And then one might get in to , i = interlaced scanning , and P = progressive scanning. And then one might know that i- interlaced scan lines do not quite match up and what this does is , have you ever noticed that stripes in the picture striped ties and striped shirts have a rainbow effect , and if the tv camera is moved up and down or down and up , the picture has a wavy effect , that's i-interlaced scanning. Progressive scanning will have little or none of this. So any way , one might call it a marketing thing. Humans like the WOW! factor. Like --> WOW!!!!! it's FULL HDTV , the eyes light up , the nostrils flare open , the chest puffs out , and then the person relaxes with a satisfied feeling. So here is the truth as I see it , The Digital Pictures of 480i and 480P

Why would you recommend a plasma hdtv over an lcd hdtv?

Plasma TVs have excellent contrast and can produce deeper blacksthan LCD TVs. Additionally, plasma TVs display more natural colors.They also have a wider viewing angle than LCD TVs.

Can a computer be connected to cable HDTV?

Yes, when equipped with a TV adapter, which is commonly a circuit board inserted into extension slot of the mainboard.

What coaxial cable supports HDTV?

I could be wrong, but I believe you are talking about an HDMI cable. Between the antenna and the TV set use RG6 cable.

Can you watch digital cable on a HDTV?

Yes you can Plain and Simple. I have Digital Cable and Have Many HDTVs in my Home. It is very Easy, just ask you Cable Provider if you have any Questions. You also may need to Subscribe to Some HD Channels which will add to your bill but you Can manage what Channels you like when talking to the Experts! :) Hope This Helped! If you have the digital converter from the cable co. you might need to tell them you need the HD channels for them to be sent to your house. They sometime block them on a standard channel Scribner.

Can irun analog cable through an HDTV lcd tv if idon't have HDTV?

You can but the picture won't be that great and if I were you I would just call your cable provider and upgrade to digital cable because most markets are going to a digital signal now analog is like cassette tape not cool anymore . I must warn you though once you see HD you'll never wanna go back to regular cable.

If you have a 720i HDTV what resolution should you set your cable to?

They do not make 720i TV's the format doesn't exist. They make 720p TV's and thus you should set your resolution to 720p. Hope I could help.

Can I get network TV without cable or satellite in the HDTV world?

If you are located close enough to the local TV stations, just put up a outdoor TV antenna and point it toward the TV transmitter tower.

Can you watch 3d on a standard HDTV?

No, you will need a special TV that is capable of showing the 3D signal and sending the information to the special glasses. The exception to this is the traditional 3D in which the glasses are not powered and have different colors for each eye.

How do you hook up a dvr recorder to a HDTV cable box?

HD cable box --> DVD recorder -> TV Your recording will be not HD, but regular SD of course. Also, with this method, you will also get SD picture on your television. Alternative to that is to hook up your cable box to your TV via HDMI or component video and also the cable box to your DVD recorder via S-video or component (and the DVD recorder to your TV's seconday input). That way you will get HD picture on your TV. However, some cable companies do NOT allow two simultanous outputs from their cable boxes via HDMI plus component or S video connection, in which case you would have unplug the HDMI from the back of your cable box each time you want to record something out of the box onto a DVD disk and watch what is being recorded on your television through the DVD recorder, not straight from your cable box, therefore, you would be getting SD pic on your TV for the duration of the recording.

Will a HDTV with 120Hz blur the picture of regular cable broadcast?

Generally, a 120Hz display will not blur images of any content. However, all incoming video signals are 60 Hz, whether from cable, terrestrial or disc. The 120Hz display is generated by taking the 60Hz signal and adding a new image between each of the incoming frames or fields. The process takes a great deal of computing power to work out what the intermediate image would be like if it had been captured by the camera. The process is known as temporal interpolation and has been around for 30 years or more. Even though the technology has been with us for 3 decades, it is still not an exact science and there can be occasions when the incoming signal can fool the processor. When it happens, there may be a visible judder in the image or small details in the picture may be lost completely. In almost all models of television, the 120Hz feature can be turned off if the content is not helped by the frame doubling circuitry. As a final note, 60 and 120Hz are the frequencies used in North America. Europe uses 50Hz so a frame doubling model in Europe will be advertised as a 100Hz display.

Do I need to buy a HDTV tuner to get 1080p signals over the air on your un55c8000 HDTV -- I have a very good outside digital antenna?

1080p signals are not currently being broadcast on any major network at present. Broadcasters are currently using either 1080i or 720p. 1080p demands twice the bandwidth and it is expected to be some time before they become available as on air signals. 1080p is currently limited to local sources such as Bluray and games consoles but the signal format is dependent on the content that is being played in the player or console.

Why does best buy's HDTV basics say that CRT is standard when it seems obsolete?

Best Buy no longer sells CRT TV's. The HDTV Basics website now only mentions LCD TV's. CRT TV's were the 'standard ' 5 years ago for an entry-level television.

Do I need a HDTV for Monster cable?

Yes you do. If you don't have a HDTV or the correct cables, it will not look as sharp. You are paying more for the clearer picture. So if that isn't something you are looking for I would suggest another company.

Is a HDMI cable necessary to view hdtv?

To view something in HD you must use a HDMI cable. _____________________________ A 1080i signal, which is the highest video quality of HDTV in North America, can be transmitted on component video cables, although many HD boxes are losing this type of output, and Blu-Ray players made in the past few years have the component video output crippled so that the signal is pushed down to 480p (DVD quality) on this connection.

How do you hook up an HDTV to a Blu-ray and cable box?

The blu-ray instruction manual usually includes instructions for connecting the blu-ray to the HDTV, as well as how to program the blu-ray and HDTV to work together. The manuals are your best source of instruction. If the manuals are missing, you can usually download them from the manufacturer's website. The HDTV has several input connectors. Connect your cable box to one input, using a compatible cable (usually included), most often an HDMI cable these days. Connect your blu-ray HDMI output to another HDMI input on the HDTV using another HDMI cable. Then use the HDTV remote control to select the desired input source. If you want to use a blu-ray with speakers for your sound system, you must connect an HDTV audio output to a blu-ray audio input. Depending on the particular HDTV and blu-ray, you may use an audio cable with RCA connectors, or a fiber optic digital cable. If the HDTV and blu-ray both support a feature called ARC, the same HDMI video cable can also carry the digital audio signal. Refer to the manuals for setting up the HDTV and blu-ray audio.

Do HDTV get the free channels without paying cable?

If you hook it up to rabbit ears or an omni-directional antenna than it is free. You will get only about 10 channels though (if you're lucky) and none will be HD.

Are Europe and America using the same broadcast standards for HDTV?

The history of television has been plagued by differing standards across the globe. The move to HDTV had provided an opportunity to rationalize some of the variations but still there are differences between North America and Europe. Both North America and Europe are using the same resolutions of 1080i, 1080p and 720p. All are considered to be HD resolutions. However, in Europe a 50Hz field rate is used whereas North America use 59.94 Hz (Commonly referred to as 60Hz). The difference in frame rates is based on the mains frequencies of Europe and North America, from a time when lining up television frequencies with mains frequencies was beneficial. The need to have TV frequencies the same as mains has long since passed but the wealth of archived material, the production and broadcast infra-structure and existing television receivers made it impossible for any country to ditch their existing frame rates. The result - instead of reducing the number of standards across the world, HD has merely added an extra twenty five or so new ones. The good news is that modern televisions are normally able to handle the different standards with ease. It is therefore a great disappointment that content producers have chosen to add region coding to DVDs, Bluray discs and many games to prevent content bought in one country being used in another. This restriction has nothing to do with television standards and is a purely commercial one.

What is the standard resolution of an HDTV LCD television?

The resolution is the pixel dimensions of the display screen. It typically has a native pixel revolution of 1920x1080. It also depends on the inches in diameter of the LCD monitor. You can also use an HDTV as a computer monitor.

What is the purpose of an HDTV cable?

An HDMI cable is used to connect two high definition devices together. They offer a better sound and picture quality than one would have without the cable. They are usually used to connect and HDTV to a home theater system.

Where can one purchase cables for a HDTV?

Cable for an HDTV can be bought in a wide variety of locations. The easiest place to buy cables for an HDTV is by visiting a local electronics store such as Best Buy.