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Can you get HIV from a public toilet?

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HIV is a retro virus that has a very short lifespan especially when exposed to air. For someone to acquire HIV from a toilet seat there would have to be some extremely FRESH biological matter present (semen) and the person who sits on this deposit of matter would have to have an open wound that makes direct contact with the semen. I say semen because the concentration of the HIV disease in other bio waste is not high enough to be viable. To sum it up......it is close to impossible to get AIDS (HIV) from a toilet seat. Supporting answer from WikiAnswers contributor:
  • The HIV virus is actually a quite delicate, easily killed virus. It does not survive outside of its human carriers for more than short periods. Specifically, drying kills it. When different solutions were tested to determine what should be recommended as the universal cleanser for body fluid secretions, every solution tested(alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, betadine, Bactine,etc) were effective. Bleach was chosen since it is so cheap, ubiquitous, and safe. Unless someone just left some wet body fluid, and you had a transfer to a mucous membrane or open wound, it would be possible. It really would take quite a large innoculum (viral load) before there would be a statistically possible transfer. Health care workers have these minor exposures all the time. If it were this deadly, we all would have been gone a long time ago.
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