Can you get a credit card if unemployed?

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Yes. Employment is a factor in the ability to pay. When you are scored your employment status is a factor but doesn't prohibit you getting a card. Plently of people what are independently wealthy (e.g. their income is the results of investment rather then employment) get credit cards all the time. The key is the ability to pay and the risk of non-payment. If you are broke and have no job and no income you will likely be declined.
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How can you get a credit card with insufficient credit?

Apply for a secured credit card. Unlike traditional credit cards, which are unsecured debt instruments; a secured card uses a deposit made by the consumer (usually 75%-100% of the line of credit) as collateral against any purchases made on the card. So, in order to get a card like this, a consumer h (MORE)

What is a credit card?

\n Credit cards \n. \n. \n. \n. \nA credit card system is a type of retail transaction settlement and credit system, named after the small plastic card issued to users of the system. A credit card is different from a debit card in that it does not remove money from the users' account after e (MORE)

What are credit cards?

A credit card is something that is like a loan. People use their credit cards at stores and the credit card company automatically pays the store back. Then you basically pay the money back that you borrowed from the credit card company over a few months. A credit card is a card that allows you to (MORE)

What is credit card?

A credit card is part of a system of payments named after the small plastic card issued to users of the system. It is a card entitling its holder to buy goods and services based on the holder's promise to pay for these goods and services. ... for more info: (MORE)

What should you do if you have 70K in credit card debt and a house that is not paid off and your spouse is unemployed?

It would appear that the person's options are limited. Refinancing the home if one could get a lower payment and interest and perhaps cash out could be considered but that could prove difficult given the circumstances. There are debt consolidation and other such agencies, but one must be extremely c (MORE)

What do you do if you are unemployed and can't pay your credit card?

Answer . The credit card company will report the incident to the credit bureaus and you cost of credit will go up. You will be referred to a collections agency if the amount is large enough. This is a very bad path to start down. . You may be able to negotiate with the credit card company for a se (MORE)

What does your credit score have to be to get a credit card?

This completely depends on the bank you are going to and their guidelines. Currently, most banks are turning people down with credit score below 660. If your score is not high enough, one of my favorite ways to boost a person's credit card score is to teach them about the magic of authorized users. (MORE)

Can you get a credit card if you have bad credit?

Of course you can still have a credit card despite a bad credit history. There are companies who give people with bad credit history a chance to prove their integrity again. But of course, there are requirements and at the same time, there may be unreasonable policy so you should be aware of it. Wei (MORE)

How do you get a credit card with bad credit?

Credit Cards for Bad Credit If you have bad credit, you might think that it is impossible for you to obtain a credit card. Let's start out by saying that if you have bad credit, the only possible reason could have for wanting another credit card is to try and rebuild your credit rather than to go (MORE)

How do you get a credit card?

1. Inquire to the customer service of the credit card company or you can go directly to the credit card company such as Citibank. 2. Ask about what are the requirement in applying a credit card 3. You need to know also the credibility of the credit card company if they have good records. 4. If (MORE)

Credit card for bad credit?

A good starting point is to get a secured credit card and a few months later move on to a regular credit card. This way you will GREATLY improve the look of your credit report before your actual regular credit card application. More tips for options on getting credit cards for those of us with ba (MORE)

Can you pay a credit card with a credit card?

Answer Yes you can! The method is called : Balancetransfer. I did it for 2 months in a row. I had no moneyto pay my VISA card. However, my Discover card had $1000.00 ofcredit available. My Visa card bill wanted a minimum payment of$300.00. So I transferred $300 from my Discover card (which I wasno (MORE)

My wife has about 50000 dollars of credit card debt She is unemployed at the moment Can she file bankruptcy alone or do we have to file jointly I have not co-signed for any of her credit cards.?

Though a spouse can operate individually, there are limits to the distance one party can place between themselves and the other in a marriage, and also in the financial structure associated with the relationship. Should things become dicey, it won't be enough that you didn't co-sign for the cards. H (MORE)

What happens if you are unemployed and you return to work with a default judgment for credit card debt unresolved?

The creditor can haul you into court to garnish or attach your wages to satisfy the judgment, unless you earn too little under your state law to garnish. ans Generally speaking, your assets, (current and future), as well as your income (current and future) can and will be subject to seizure (t (MORE)

How do i get a Credit card for with no credit history?

When you don't have a credit history, it can be difficult and frustrating when trying to obtain a credit card or other type of loan. Establishing your initial credit history can be a Catch-22. If you don't have credit, not many places are willing to give you credit, yet how can you ever establish cr (MORE)

Are there credit cards for bad credit?

Yes there are credit cards for bad credit. If you have bad credit and want to get another major credit card, you should think the circumstances that you will be facing because it is not as easy as what you think. Although there are lenders who will give you another major credit card, you need to (MORE)

Where can you get a credit card?

Well it depends on what bank you have. For example: if you have bank of America, you would go to the bank and ask to get a credit card..... It's as simple as that, but you need to answer questions sign paper, etc.

What can't they do to you if you are unemployed with credit cards and no payments on a loan in four months?

\nYour rights as a consumer\n. \nYour Debts and Debt Collectors\n. \nYou are responsible for your debts. If you fall behind in paying your creditors, or if an error is made on your account, you may be contacted by a “debt collector.” A debt collector is any person, other than the creditor, who r (MORE)

Can a credit card company take you to court when unemployed?

Yes, as long as there is an unpaid debt that is due , a cedit card company may sue and get a judgment against the debtor. The problem for the card company is that if there are no wages or income to garnish, it may have to go after other assets the debtor owns or just wait until the debtor gets a job (MORE)

Do you have to have a credit card to have good credit?

No not necessarily. Your credit score is determined by your history of paying back accounts from lenders. While you don't need a credit card they tend to be how most people build credit. To get a good score without a card (assuming you're applying for a loan or some kind of financing) you'll need ei (MORE)

How can you get a credit card with ok credit?

There's no universal marker that says you automatically get or don't get a credit card. A higher score just means you're more likely to get a card, loan, or financing. Generally as long as you're over 620 you can find someone willing to give you a card. I would recommend trying for a bank card they' (MORE)

Is there a Bad credit credit card?

bad credit card just like a payday loan . well, payday loan is veryeffective way for your emergency money requirements problems inSingapore . many company provide the payday loan with low interestrate.

How can you get a credit card with bad credit?

First thing that you have to do is to repair your credit card history. Look for the things that can be fixed. Next thing is to review your current status. There are certain qualifications that credit card companies are requiring for people to have a bad credit card history to have a new credit card. (MORE)

How do you get a credit card if you have poor credit?

You must have someone co-signer. They add you on as an authorize user. however it wont be easy to find a co-signer and you credit limit would be very low. best alternative is to you prepaid credit cards if all you need is the benefit of credit card transactions. however if you need a permanent solut (MORE)

How can you get a credit card with no or bad credit?

The obvious answer is rebuild your credit. First you need a copy of your credit report to see what you current rating is and any problems that may be on file. You can request a copy from the main credit agencies for a small fee, there are also more detailed subscription services that will give you a (MORE)

What does credit cards do?

A credit card issued by a Bank giving the holder an option to usefunds, mostly at sales point. You can pay your utility bills onlineor can do E-shop from online shopping portals. A credit card comeswith certain benefits, fees and reward points. These are someexplained benefits of a credit card: Co (MORE)

Where is the credit card number on a credit card?

There are 2 sets of numbers on a credit or charge card. The card number is usually 16 digits long and on the front of the card. The CVV number is usually on the back of the card and 3 digits long. American Express cards have a 4 digital cvv code on the right hand side of the front of the card.

Can you get a student loan being unemployed and have bad credit?

I don't know such kind of loan in US, but if you are a citizen if UK then you can definitely have this loan. These loans are specially designed for those unemployed students who wish to carry out their higher studies but could not due to paucity of money and funds. You can easily find the loan in (MORE)

How do you Get a payday loan unemployed and bad credit?

You can't get a payday loan without a payday. The loan is made as an advance on your next payroll check. If you are unemployed they have nothing to lend on and have no reason to believe you have the means to pay it back.

What if you are unemployed and can't pay your credit card?

There is not much that credit card companies can do to collect the money owed to them by people who are unemployed. In the event that you get a job, if you were not making payment voluntarily, the credit card company could arrange to garnish part of your wages. But if you're unemployed, they are out (MORE)

Does a credit card help your credit?

A credit card can help your credit score improve if you pay it on time. Over time it will show you have a good payment history and it can also diversify your credit if you have other types of credit accounts. Keeping a low balance will also help your debt to limit ratio. It will only hurt your cr (MORE)

Do you need a credit card to have credit?

No you can build credit by taking out a loan and paying it back ON TIME. Or have someone cosign a loan for you in order to get approved for a card or loan but make sure the cosigner fully understands the agreement because they'll take on most of the risk.

What is does a credit card gives credit?

"Credit" sounds very good, that's why they call it a credit card. When you use a credit card, you go into debt. Yes, that's as bad as it sounds. So don't use a credit card. It will cost you an arm and a leg, perhaps literally.

What is credit card and credit card fraud?

Credit cards are the order of the day especially in these tough economic times. Many credit card companies have changed their terms not to mention making it more difficult for consumers to obtain new credit cards. The new Obama administration has also brought in new legislation to curb the bad pr (MORE)

Is credit card a credit?

most certainly it is. the extended reason is that you are paying with future funds that are to be paid to your card issues

Why get a credit card?

because when you use it you can take out and no one will steal it (Duh) buy stuff that costs a lot and be able to pay it off over time...but be sure not to put too much stuff on your card!! To improve your credit score, and pay off the credit in installments

Why have a credit card?

In case of emergencies, you can use your credit card to purchase goods and services and at the same time, it is better nowadays to have cashless transactions so that we can stay away from robbers.

Can a credit card company sue you when you are unemployed?

Yes, they can. For a credit card company to actually SUE someone is pretty serious. If you're talking about collecting on a debt owed, they can certainly get a judgement against you. If they win a judgement against you, they can collect the debt when you become employed or even have your salary g (MORE)

What is a bad credit credit card?

A bad credit credit card is designed to offer credit cardfacilities for people with poor or adverse credit scores. Suchtypes of "bad credit" customers may find it difficult to beaccepted for mainstream credit cards. Bad credit credit cards tendto have more generous criteria for acceptance, so people (MORE)

Can a credit card company sue you even you are unemployed?

Yes they can. I have been a stay at home Mom since 2009 and in 2010 a debt collector filed a judgement against me. We hadn't heard anything from them since 2010 after I called them once I was served with the summons to appear and they just completely emptied two bank accounts that we have. One is a (MORE)

Can you be a co-signer on a loan if unemployed with good credit rating?

The reason a lender requires a co-signer is to guaranty the loan will be repaid if the primary borrower doesn't have a strong enough credit record or an adequate income. Indeed, if the primary fails to pay the co-signer is fully responsible for paying the balance of the loan. It is unlikely you woul (MORE)

What can you do if you are unemployed and being sued for credit card debt?

There is in reality no legal defense for the inability to pay one's debts unless the so named debt is invalid. Unfortunately the law does not recognize job loss, illness or other such factors as valid reasons for not paying one's debts. That being the case, the debtor facing legal action has very (MORE)

What can you do if you are sued for credit card debt and are unemployed?

Unfortunately the law does not recognize the inability to pay one's debts due to any sort of hardship. If the lawsuit is valid it will go forward regardless of the person's financial status. If the creditor wins the suit (which is most likely) they will be granted a judgment and will then be able (MORE)

Which credit companies provide loans for the unemployed?

Go to a debt management firm in your area and inquire about loans for the unemployed to see what's available to you. This is a good way to get your creditors to leave you alone in a financial crisis, get a lower rate, and get any late fees terminated.

What is a credit card-?

A credit card is a line of credit given to a person that has goodcredit. the person can charge things and pay it back with smallpayments each month.