Can you get a green card if you are out of status and get married to an American citizen?

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It's not that easy. You should consult with a good immigration attorney, or an immigration aid center.

If you are already not legal, the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) takes a dim view of you all of a sudden wanting to marry an American. And there are waivers that will be needed - and they might not be granted.

They'll also want to interview you and the prospective bride. And they'll have all kinds of questions that they'll ask you each seperately to see if you really know and love each other. It can be quite...intense.

I wish you well. But seek aid from that attorney or immigration aid center.
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If an illegal alien marries someone who has a green card but is not a citizen does that help in getting a legal status at all?

Yes, file a petition now, as a spouse of a green card holder. It will take 5 years to get green card as a spouse of a green card holder. On one condition that the ailen stays legal until that point. if the alien over-stayed, often times the green card holder gets a citizenship, and that tends to sol (MORE)

Can you report a British citizen who is trying to marry an American woman he has known for two weeks just to get a green card?

Hi there,I am actuallly British and I also had a Fiance from a foreign country whom I was engaged and he informed me married an American he has also only known two weeks,He spoke openly about how he has realives who would enable him to marry an American for convienience and pay buy the lasy who marr (MORE)

If you live in the USA on a green card and marry a US citizen do you become a US citizen?

Answer . \nYes you can become a citizen but it is not automatic because you married a US citizen. You have one thing going for you - your green card.\n. \nYou have to file form N400 - Naturalization papers with the INS to become a citizen. It might take a while because since 9/11, the US has tig (MORE)

How long does it take to get a green card after marrying a US citizen?

Answer . You don't just get a green card. You still have to apply for a visa in order to stay in the United States. . If you get married overseas there are a few different visa options. If the American citizen has been living in the foreign country for over 6 months, they can apply for an I-130 (MORE)

I want to marry a 17 year old illegal spouse. will she get a green card if i am an American citizen?

Answer . \nThe marriage was never legal in the begining therefore it would likely be considered an automatic annulment.\n. \nFor the foreign national to have obtained permanent residency through the marriage, fraudulent acts would have been committed.\n. \nThis means that both parties could be (MORE)

You married in Costa Rica to a Costa Rican who know lives with you a US citizen you never married here she has conditional status on her green card Should you divorce here or in Costa Rica?

That's exactly the same thing I want to know...From what I have found out you must divorce in Costa Rica..If your spouse doesn't want to divorce you, then you must wait two years before it can be finalized there. You as a married person in Costa Rica must divorce with the Costa Rican laws, even i (MORE)

If a US green card holder marry a Canadian citizen will she become a Canadian citizen?

No . No. Assuming that there are no other legal impediments to your entering Canada, you could get into Canada. You could apply for permanent resident status - something you should do BEFORE you arrive in Canada. Being married to a Canadian citizen would probably be a big advantage. Getting Canad (MORE)

What if a Green card holder marries a US citizen?

They can stay here. When a green card holder marries a US citizen, he/she gets to share the benefits enjoyed by the US citizen. The US citizen can also file in for the green card holder's citizenship application.

If a Mexican citizen marries a US Citizen the Mexican citizen has a green card and is married for twelve years with a child what happens if there is a divorce?

Nothing, you only have to be married for 3 years before they can revoke a green card for such a matter. And they don't even revoke a green card just for that, they have to prove that the marriage was entered unlawfully and not for the right reasons. The government is not going to force you to stay m (MORE)

How long does it take to get green card if you marry US citizen?

Once the US citizen spouse petitions using Form I-130 for the alien spouse's green card and the priority date becomes current visa will be available for the applicant to enter US will a conditional green card valid for 2 years which using the Form I-485 status should be adjusted to permanent residen (MORE)

If you have a rsident of the US with a lien green card since 1969 and got married to a American citizen and been married to him for 10 years does that make you a citizen of the US?

No. Only children of American Citizens and children born in the US automatically get a US citizenship. Everyone else has to fill out form N-400, pass the test and take the oath. The US Citizenship & Immigration Office has a very nice manual, M-476 in pdf that gives the eligibility requirements. Soun (MORE)

If you have a green card can you marry a US citizen?

Anyone can marry a US citizen, green card or not. The marriage does not automatically give any special privileges to the newly married person. The US citizen can petition for you to be permitted to apply for residency, etc. It is not necessary to be a green card holder to marry a US Citizen. It is (MORE)

Can a company sponsor you and provide your green card if you have been out of status in the US would they forgive you as they do when you marry a citizen?

im sorry, but that question does not make sense, they do not "forgive" anything if you marry a citizen, no matter how the citizen abtained citizenship. I am a American citizen, and I am white, I was born in Washington state. I married a Mexican immigrant, we have been together for 7 years, and we ha (MORE)

If you are have a green card and are married to an American can you enter panama?

In most cases, a country's immigration laws only care about your country of citizenship. Having a green card gives you legal permanent residency in the United States, but does not grant you any special status to enter other countries. You will have to determine what Panama's laws are regarding your (MORE)

How hard for an American citizen to get his twin brother a green card?

If you want them to come to America with the visa then do the following: . Step 1. Write a letter to the consulate. Family members, especially U.S. citizens, have luck sometimes by writing a letter to their consulate on behalf of their family member. This letter should state that you as a U.S. c (MORE)

Does your Citizen wife having section 8 affect you getting your green card status?

Yes, if section 8 is a means tested public benefit, which i believe it is. In order to bring you into this country and get a green card, she has to sponsor your entry into the U.S. This means that she will be held responsible for repaying the government for any means tested public benefits you may r (MORE)

How long after you get married with a us citizen can you apply for a green card?

Individuals who obtain a Green Card through marriage to a U.S. Citizen are granted "Conditional" Green Card status when they enter US just after marriage, which is only valid for two years. Individuals who have been granted Conditional Green Card Status are required to apply to remove the Conditions (MORE)

Is an Australian who is married to a us citizen eligible for a green card?

Yes.The home country is not an issue to get US green card provided the home country government has no issues. Individuals who obtain a Green Card through marriage to a U.S. Citizen are granted "Conditional" Green Card status, which is only valid for two years. Individuals who have been granted Co (MORE)

How does a international married to a US citizen get a green card?

An international who is married to a US citizen can get his/her green card in the following manner. The US citizen should file in Form I -130 to sponsor the spouse. The Spouse should then file in form I-485 to adjust the status to that of a lawful permanent resident.

Can you get a green card being married to a us citizen?

Of course Yes!! Getting a Green card by marrying a US citizen is the most easiest ways of becoming a PR. After marrying a USC the dependent will be issued a conditional green card which is valid for 2 yrs. The conditional green card holder should apply to remove the conditions on the card and adjust (MORE)

Will you get a Green Card if you marry US citizen who is 19 years old?

Yes 19 year old US citizen can petition for spouse. If you are a U.S. Citizen, and your spouse lives in the U.S. legally, then you can submit Form I-130 and Form I-485 at the same time. This is generally the fastest way to apply for a Green Card. If you are a Legal Permanent Resident, or your spouse (MORE)

How long does it take to get green card for married son of a citizen?

11 months The Married children of U.S. citizens are third preference to get green card when sponsored by US citizen. First preference for spouses and children below 21 years of age and second preference for unmarried adult children age 21 years and above.Lastly siblings have the fourth preferen (MORE)