Can you get alimony after the divorce?

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It's possible to seek a modification of the divorce decree afterwards. You'll need to consult a lawyer who is familiar with the law in your state to get a definitive answer, though.
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California statute of limitations regarding divorce alimony payments?

My husband was ordered to pay 200.00 a month alimony until his ex. remarries or dies.He has not paid for 12 years. Can his ex. upon his death still try to collect it. She has

Separated for year can she get alimony in divorce Utah?

I am not totally sure what your question is but i think you are asking whether you wife ca get alimony for the year you were separated. You wife may be eligible for alimony (

Can you collect alimony if you are divorced and never remarried and lose your job?

No, unless its in your final divorce papers as an option or if you have children ---------------- ADDED: Uner those circumstances - CHILD SUPPORT it is not considered alim

Can you file for more alimony after a divorce is final?

It depends on the circumstances but generally speaking, alimony cannot be added after the divorce is finalized, even where spousal support was not discussed at all in the sett

Does a person have to pay alimony if they don't want a divorce?

If alimony is appropriate given the circumstances of the marriage then the spouse will likely be required to pay alimony to his ex regardless of whether or not he or she wante
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Does South Carolina award alimony in divorce cases?

South Carolina law does allow for the family court to award alimony in appropriate cases. The main factors are the length of the marriage, the fault in the breakup of the marr

Can you get divorced in California before child support and alimony is decided?

Both need to be part of the divorce agreement--or else you'll just end up in court again, spending more money. Answer No. The divorce decree signifies the marriag

Can you file for alimony while divorce is going on?

No, not alimony. You should be able to file for temporary maintenance and support depending on the laws in your jurisdiction. You should consult with your attorney or an a

What is the procedure to be followed to claim permanent alimony in Divorce?

You should visit the court and inquire about filing a complaint for divorce. You can request alimony and the court will decide based on many factors regarding the marriage. If